Modern garden design - great ideas and inspirationsModern garden design - great ideas and inspirations

Lawns are usually sought in vain in modern gardens. Especially with small areas gravel is much more practical. A gravel surface is easy to apply and requires little care - a water-permeable fleece under the gravel layer keeps the weeds away. The versatile material is easy to use not only as a lawn replacement, but also as a covering for small seats and as a mulch layer for perennial beds.

Are all the birds there?Are all the birds there?

An estimated 50 billion migratory birds are traveling around the world at the beginning of the year to return from their winter quarters to their breeding grounds. About five billion of them make their way from Africa to Europe - and for many birds this journey is not without its dangers. In addition to the weather, humans often - whether directly or indirectly - prevent the arrival of the target, be it through bird traps or power lines, which kill millions of birds year after year.

Expert Opinion Garden Practice

Hooray, finally the time has come! Spring is upon us and it's time for the first vegetable precultures. That means: In February may be sown again diligently.Even if it is still bitterly cold outside, you can get started on the windowsill in the house or in the heated greenhouse. Because: the sooner tomatoes and Co.

Flower irrigation - watering flowers, watering Flower irrigation - watering flowers, watering

To keep our flowers always beautiful and fresh, they must be properly and regularly poured. This is not a problem when you are at home. But what do you do when you travel a few days or even a few weeks? That is also no problem. Either you plant the flowers in clay or

Cutting Bougainvillea - Timing & Instructions Cutting Bougainvillea - Timing & Instructions

The Bougainvillea, also called trill or bird flower, is relatively fast growing and is cultivated in this country mainly as a shrub or trunk, more rarely as a climbing plant. With its 10-18 species, it is not one of the most species-rich but certainly one of the most magnificent plants. The special feature of the triplet flower are not the small white flowers, but the colored bracts that surround the flower and unlike the actual only a few days of flowering, appear several weeks in the most magnificent colors, provided they are regularly blended.

Root barrier for miscanthus plants - these methods help Root barrier for miscanthus plants - these methods help

To prevent roots from spreading, so-called root barriers are used. These provide local limitation of rooting. The miscanthus from the plant genus Miscanthus, is one of the less spur-forming plants. However, under certain circumstances, they can spread rapidly and cause damage especially in specific locations.

Elder cut - you have to pay attention! Elder cut - you have to pay attention!

Black elderberry with the scientific name Sambucus nigra unfolds without intervening measures up to 10 m in height. The situation is similar with its broad growth. However, most gardens lack the space for such a large hedge. Therefore, the handle becomes scissors essential.

Organic fertilizer - advantages and disadvantages Organic fertilizer - advantages and disadvantages

All plants need nutrients and as these are limited in soil, they have to be re-added to the soil in some way. Normally, nature does this by itself, in which the plant loses its leaves in the fall and these are transformed back into nutrients by earthworms and other creatures.

Benefits of a concrete rainwater cistern - prices Benefits of a concrete rainwater cistern - prices

In Germany, families collecting rainwater in a rainwater cistern are exempted from wastewater charges. Thus, more and more homeowners decide to catch the rainwater and make it usable for a variety of areas in and around the house.

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