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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

The top questions of the calendar week 30

1. My lily has never blossomed. What can this be?

Flower lilies bloom best when they are not feeling well. Plants that are supplied with container plant fertilizer more than twice a month form abundant leaves but little or no flowers. The same applies to the pot size. Planting the African perennials in very large vessels, they use the space for abundant roots and leaves, but not for the formation of flowers. Therefore keep the lily as long as possible in tight pots. When pouring: The earth between the watering always allow it to dry well, so there is no rot.

2. My zucchini flowers wonderfully, but then loses its flowers. Why is that?

Poor fertilization is one of the most common problems with zucchini. Then the plants start female flowers, but throw them off after a short time. What can help: Cut one to three male flowers, remove the petals and dab with the pollen brush, the scar in the middle of the female flowers. Very high are the chances of success in the early morning hours.

3. On my tomato plants sit caterpillars. What are these and what can I do against them?

Tomatoes often contain the larvae of the vegetable owl. They are greenish or brownish in color and curl up when touched. Check the plants regularly and collect the caterpillars. You can also use approved crop protection products such as XenTari caterpillars for fighting.

Caterpillar of vegetable owl

The caterpillars of the vegetable owl have a taste for ripe tomatoes

4. Is it normal for the leaves to curl up on my tomatoes, or am I doing something wrong?

If the leaves of the tomato roll up like a spoon, that is a sign of over-fertilization. The phenomenon is also referred to as leaf rolls. Too much nutrient supply or drought stress is usually the trigger. However, the problem can be easily solved by a uniform irrigation and slow-acting organic fertilizer.

5. Can rosemary be cut back like lavender?

Rosemary grows more compact the more you cut it. Anyone who regularly harvests rosemary leaves for the kitchen, tops the tips so regularly that usually no additional cut is necessary. However, if rosemary is seen as an ornamental plant and not harvested, it should be pruned annually after flowering vigorously. Since the plants bloom for different lengths, the cut falls in the period from May to July. Without a hairdresser's appointment, the branches become long, often crooked and tilt to the side. A pruning of about one-third of the plant height stimulates rosemary to form new side branches and remain bushy. In order to obtain a compact form, over-long branches become stronger, short shoots truncated more timidly.

Trim rosemary

Rosemary is trimmed vigorously after flowering

6. My olive tree has flowered but has not received any fruit. Should the tree be cut?

In order for fruit to ripen from the flowers, a second olive tree is needed as a pollination partner. Only self-sustaining olive varieties such as 'Frantoio', 'Pendolino', 'Itrana' and 'Leccio' bear fruit every year. Special cutting measures can not increase the harvest. Olives are primarily ornamental plants. If you want to stay in shape, cut the branches two to three times a year to get a dense crown.

7. Our lemon tree gets yellow leaves. What can this be?

In order for citrus plants to develop well in the tub, they need regular fertilizer in the summer months, preferably weekly. Otherwise, deficiency symptoms appear, which are first readable on the leaves. Thus bright, yellow leaves with dark leaf veins indicate chlorosis. The most common are iron, magnesium or zinc deficiencies, which can be avoided with a multi-nutrient fertilizer. For example, organic fertilizers such as Bio Trissol (Neudorff) or an organic-mineral citrus plant fertilizer (Compo) are recommended.

Kumquats, yellow citruses

Citrus plants need not only the right temperature but also special fertilizer

8. What can I do about fruit rot in my sweet cherries?

The fungal pathogen Monilia fruit rot penetrates cracks and injuries in the cherries. The fruits rot on the tree and form as a highly visible feature often concentric round, upholstery spore bearings. Often, the fruits dry on the tree and remain hanging as fruit mummies. Preventively remove all remaining old fruits in the tree. When the first symptoms occur, pesticides can be used (for example, Bayer garden fruit-fungus-free Teldor, Monizin fruit fungus-free). Please always note the waiting time according to the instructions for use.

9. Our apples have small, brown spots. What could that be?

Pinhead-sized brown spots, especially directly under the shell, indicate stipple or lip. The stains are dead, dried pulp. The reason for this is calcium deficiency in the cells of the pulp. Mostly enough calcium is present in the soil, but in case of prolonged drought the tree can not absorb enough. Remedy creates thorough watering during fruiting. Also important is a balanced nutrient supply of the tree, for example, compost should be distributed on the tree disc in early spring.

Stippigkeit on the apple

When you cut it shows that not only the edge area, but also the pulp is interspersed with brown spots. The reason for the stippiness is calcium deficiency

10. On the leaves of my plate hydrangea sit white worms that look like glue. What can I do?

It could be the Napfschildlaus or the Hortensienwollschildschildlaus. They are not dangerous to the plant, but they do not look so pretty. You can either wipe them with a rag or treat the plant with natures pest-free or spruzite.

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