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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

Facebook: The top questions of the calendar week 4

1. Can the winter scented snowball be kept in the bucket on the balcony?

Viburnum x bodnantense reaches a stature height and width of up to three meters. Therefore, you should rather plant it in the garden, so that it can fully develop and its beautiful growth comes to its best advantage. For design ideas in the tub, we recommend the evergreen laurel snowball (Viburnum tinus). This small shrub native to Southern Europe (two to three meters) is cut tolerant and can be well educated as a high tribe. He needs winter protection though.

2. How much frost do primroses tolerate?

Since many Primros originate from the alpine area, they are in the bed generally quite hardy. Especially the pillow-primrose, which is one of the best-selling potted plants, is a hardy perennial that actually likes it better in the flowerbed than in the pot. Only in severe night frosts should the primrose flowers be covered. Primroses in the pot overwinter best in a bright, cold place.

Color variety of primroses

The color spectrum of primroses ranges from white to yellow, orange, pink and pink to violet

3. Since repotting three years ago, my orchids have smoked lice that I just can not get rid of. What can I do against it?

Often you get rid of annoying mealybugs and scale insects by putting the whole plant in a dipping bath for several hours. Another possibility is the use of biological pesticides such as Spruzit SchädlingsSpray or Promanal AF Neu Schild- and Wolllausfrei by Neudorff.

4. My orchid has a lot of buds, but unfortunately they do not appear, but wither again. What could be the reason? The leaves look good and I dip the plant once a month.

When orchids drop their flower buds, they are usually stressed out. Mostly this stress is caused by care mistakes. Here, for example, a change of location, too little or too frequent casting come into question. Diving the plant once a month may not be enough, especially if it is in a sunny south-facing window, for example. If possible, water the orchid every two weeks in the future and not expose it to drafts - then it should soon recover.

5. My blue rain has never blossomed. What can this be?

It may be a plant that has been propagated from seeds. These wisteria need at least seven to eight years to flower first. Refined or offspring specimens usually come from flowering mother plants without special denomination. They bloom earlier and usually much more abundant than seedlings.

Blooming wisteria

Refined Blauregen inspire in contrast to seedlings with lush flowering

6. When can I plant hydrangeas?

In the garden center there are from January to August farmer hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) as indoor plants. As the shrubs are the same species as outside in the garden, they are usually hardy. Flowers and buds are sensitive to frost. Therefore one should wait - especially with hydrangeas already bought at the beginning of the year - with the planting out after the Eisheiligen (middle of May). Finally, the flowering shrubs were previously grown in optimally warm greenhouses and then stood in heated living rooms - so they are a little spoiled.

7. Do climbing roses need a wood trestle or can I also stretch a couple of wire ropes horizontally and vertically? And does such a rank option already have to be set during planting?

Climbing roses absolutely need a help for tendrils and clinging. The scaffolding does not necessarily have to be made of wood or metal, and wire ropes are also a good option. You should install the trellis right from the beginning. Normally, the rose is then planted at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters to the trellis. When planting, place the climbing rose slightly diagonally in the direction of the climbing aid.

climbing rose

Climbing roses are also called climbers. The flowering wonders reach a height of about three meters and grow upright with strong shoots. The flower shape and size varies and reminds of many varieties of bed roses.Climbing roses are more often flowering and need the arches and other scaffolding that support them on their way up

8. How many types of aloe plants are there? And which one is best for the skin?

The genus Aloe includes about 300 species. The real aloe (aloe vera) is the official stem plant of the "aloe". The juice of aloe leaves is used to cure skin diseases. Before the application, it is better to ask a dermatologist again if the aloe juice is actually helpful.

9. Is there a fertilizer calendar for berry bushes and strawberries?

Unfortunately we do not know a comprehensive fertilizer calendar for berry fruits. For all berry fruit varieties, however, the following applies: sparingly fertilize with humus-promoting organic fertilizers or special berry fertilizers. One third of the fertilizer amount (50 to 70 g / m² of complete fertilizer per year) is given to the berries in early spring, another to flowering. The last third in May or early June is only required if the bushes bear above average fruit. Tips for fertilizing strawberries can be found in our detailed care calendar.

10. For me, the salad shoots up (if not eaten by snails beforehand) instead of getting nice heads. What am I doing wrong?

Salad shoots up when it gets too dry or when it is exposed to high heat as a spring variety, for example. For the sowing in spring or autumn certain varieties are perfectly adapted to short days with cooler temperatures. On long, hot summer days, however, these varieties quickly form flowers and the salad shoots.

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