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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

Facebook: The top questions of the calendar week 34

1. We bought a pampas grass this week. Then poured the same day in the evening (not yet used) and still it leaves the leaves hanging after a short time, they are properly bent. That was not the case with the other grasses. What can be the cause and is the grass still save?

Probably the grass has stress and therefore leaves the stalks hanging. It is best to cut half the blades of the pampas grass back, then the plant has to supply less leaves and put them into the soil in a timely manner. Pampas grass is sensitive to waterlogging and therefore requires a well-drained soil. In the first winter you should protect it as a precaution. In fact, spring is the recommended planting time, but with proper care it can grow well. Further information can be found in the plant portrait pampas grass.

Pampas grass Cortaderia selloana

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is sensitive to waterlogging

2. I would like to make a green fence of Tuscan cypresses. What do I have to pay attention to and at what distance do I have to plant? How long does it take for the hedge to close and is it true that it does not get wider than a meter?

The Tuscan column cypress is considered quite hardy, but the young plants need winter protection in the early days. The annual growth is about 30 to 50 centimeters and yes, they will not be wider than a meter in age, so do not set too far apart. How long it takes until the hedge is tight, can not say flat rate, because it depends on how well they develop at the site. In addition, they do not tolerate waterlogging, but prefer a well-drained soil. And they should definitely get a sunny place.

3. Question about wintering Dahilien: How much is cut off and stay dry all winter? And from when to when do they come out?

The dahlias are dug out for wintering after flowering in the fall (October / November) and the stems cut about five inches above the root neck, shaking off soil and overwinter at four to ten degrees Celsius in a dry cellar (in wooden stairs). Check regularly for decay in winter quarters. In April / May you put the tubers back into the soil.

Giant Jewelery Dahlia 'Otto's Thrill'

Giant Jewelery Dahlia 'Otto's Thrill'

4. How can I make cultivation soil? So nutrient-poor soil? Can the earth from this year be used from the tomato house?

Growing soil is a nutrient-poor, sterile and feinkrümeliges substrate. Self-production is possible, but quite expensive, because the earth must be heated (oven) so that it is germ-free. The advantage of own cultivation soil is that you can mix it yourself and determine the ingredients. In addition to well-seasoned compost you can use, for example, sand, perlite, coconut fibers and cat litter. Purchased cultivation soil is not more expensive than the specially made. We do not recommend using the leached tomato soil again.

5. Can apples with pressure marks, rotten apples or which ones with worms inside, be added to the compost?

Apples with bruises can be quite low on the compost. However, you should be careful if the fruits are infected with maggots or caterpillars, since this can lead to pests such as the codling moth, for example. These apples should be better disposed of with household waste. It is best, however, to recycle large parts of the apples beforehand and make applesauce or -most from it. Usually only small parts of the fruits are affected.

rotten apple on wood

Not all bad apples should be in the compost

6. Can I now do something to make my azalea bloom in the spring?

Here are some tips for care: Mulching is important, that is, covering the root area with composted foliage and bark products from coniferous trees. This leads to the long-term preservation of the soil moisture of the shallow roots - therefore, a hacking and digging of the soil in the immediate vicinity of the rhododendron plant should be avoided. During periods of drought, especially in summer (June to September), the soil must be sufficiently irrigated. Use as little lime as possible water, preferably rainwater. Is the azaleas planted in a place with acid soil? If not, you can buy them and improve the soil. Further information can be found on the Rhododendron theme page.

7thMy whole plum harvest is over. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of the plum wrapper for next year?

Never leave the fallen fruit in the grass so that the maggot-like caterpillars can not leave the fruit for further development. Preventively next year from mid-May to mid-August hang plum wrapper traps. The traps work with a certain pheromone (sex attractant) and attract the males. As a result, fewer females are fertilized and there are fewer maggots. The traps are available for purchase in the MEIN shop.

8. I've never had scab on my fruit trees. What is the cause of such an infestation? Can every fruit tree be affected?

A scab infestation can occur under the following conditions: If the spring is mild and rich in rainfall, apple producers speak of a "scab year". When the spores of the overwintering mushrooms are mature and carried away by the wind, at temperatures around twelve degrees, they need about eleven hours of ever-lasting leaves to infect them. At temperatures of five degrees, however, the spore germination time is almost one and a half days.

9. Why does my lemon tree always lose fruit after flowering?

This can have various causes, such as age or care errors. Lemon trees are self-pollinating and from each bloom forms a Fruchtansatz. At the same time, however, they are grafted plants, meaning that the roots are younger than the fruit-bearing crown. As a result, the plant produces more flowers and fruits than it can nourish, so it discards some of the fruits. So long as it is only part of the fruiting approaches, the decline of the approaches is a normal selection. But if all fruiting approaches fall, then there is indeed a care mistake. You can find more information on our topic page Citrus plants.

ripe lemons

Lemons cast off some of their fruits

10. We have built and now our yard is very gravelly. Which plants are suitable for our soil?

Recommended are specialists (perennials and ornamental grasses), who get along well with gravelly ground such as yarrow and blue noise. An overview for the gravel garden suitable plants offers the perennial nursery Gaissmayer. It is important to loosen the soil, because in densified soils after construction, the plants quickly enter.

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