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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

Facebook: The top questions of the calendar week 3

1. My citrus plants overwinter in the house. Are there any citrus plants that are suitable for the room all year round?

Yes, in the flat flourish, for example, the slow-growing Calamondin orange and small kumquats. Treat the light hungry trees a bright spot. Watch for a good drainage, waterlogging leads to Wurzelelf├Ąulnis and the death of the plants. In order to counteract dry air, the leaves are repeatedly sprayed with water, which also keeps spider mites away.

2. Can orchids be kept without soil?

This may work in the room for some time, but this variant is not a permanent solution. In the tropical greenhouse you can see it more often, but there are completely different conditions than in the living room. Bark (which is contained in the commercially available orchid substrate) with an aggregate (peat moss) has proven to be the best substrate. This substrate keeps moisture longer without the orchid starting to rot.

3. We have to shorten our yew hedge because of road construction on one side almost to the trunk. Does she tolerate that?

Yew trees are one of the most cut-friendly conifers and they are the only ones that tolerate a strong cut into the old wood. You can cut back the hedge far into the bare area. If the hedge is healthy, it drives out again. However, as yew trees grow very slowly, it takes several years for the hedge to close again. After the cut you should fertilize your yew hedge with some horn shavings or blue grain. A mulch layer keeps the soil moist.

yew hedge

The best time to cut a yew hedge is from late spring, when the fresh shoot turns dark green, until the end of August

4. Can bamboo be planted in a large bucket?

This depends on the bamboo: ideal are small-sized bamboo varieties that are barely two meters high and form dense clumps. These include, in addition to the well-known umbrella bamboo (Fargesia murieliae), for example, Pseudosasa japonica, Chimonobambusa, Sasaella, Hibanobambusa or Shibataea.

5. On my Bergenien one sees leaf feeding from the Dickmaulr├╝ssler. Can you inject something or help nematodes?

The black-eared weevil dreaded by rhododendrons and yew trees is also a serious pest for Bergenien - and an infestation can be clearly seen from the book-like eaten leaf margins. For the plants more dangerous than the beetles themselves, however, are the voracious white larvae, which nibble at the roots with preference. An environmentally friendly control is possible through targeted use of nematodes, for example from Neudorff.

Bergenie 'Snow Queen' blossom

The flowers of the Bergenia hybrid 'Snow Queen' are shortly after opening the buds initially white, later light pink

6. My Christmas roses are buried under at least 20 centimeters thick layer of snow. Does that damage the plants?

In snowy winters, many plants are covered by a blanket of snow. The snow protects the plants from frosty temperatures and wind and they survive the winter even better. The snow also lets in enough oxygen. The Christmas rose does not matter to the snow.

7. Can you remove a new tree from cut branches of hazelnut?

You can use the clippings for pegs: Cut about 20 inches long, five to ten millimeters thick woods. Put them either in pots filled with soil or directly in the garden soil. So that the woods do not dry up, only the topmost bud looks out of the ground. Water well so that the wood gets in contact with the ground.

8. How and when do I cut my corkscrew hazel?

With the corkscrew hazelnut you can cut back all shoots that are more than five years old in the late winter to the base. Within two to three years, the hazel is rebuilding itself. It probably also activates wild-shoots that do not have the characteristic rotation in growth. Such shoots should be removed at the attachment point.

corkscrew hazel

The bizarre growth form of the corkscrew hazel fascinates especially in winter, when the branches do not bear leaves

9. My cherry laurel is two meters high, up to what height should I cut it back?

Cherry laurel is good cut tolerant, but if it is to serve as a screen, you should not cut it down further than 1.8 meters. But for the cut you should not use an electric hedge trimmer. Cherry laurel is cut just before the bud starts with a hand-held hedge trimmer. Because blades of electric scissors cause great damage, because they literally shred the foliage. Leaves remain with unsightly, brown dried edges.

10. Our cherry tree is really bad. What can this be?

The cause of the resins could be frost cracks. If the bark of the fruit trees is warmed by the morning sun after a frosty night, the bark fabric on the east side expands, while it remains frozen on the side away from the sun. This can cause such strong tensions that the bark ruptures. Endangered are late frost-sensitive fruit trees with smooth bark such as walnut, peach, plum and cherry as well as young pome fruit. This can be prevented by a so-called white paint.

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