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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

Facebook: The top questions of the calendar week 33

1. It is August and yet two of my rhododendrons are in bloom. Why is it?

Some trees already open some of the new flower buds in late summer or autumn. This post-flowering is often not so noticeable in the Springbühern, because the plants are now fully leafy - unlike in spring. Mostly, the post-flowering is triggered by a stronger pruning in summer or a temporary cold period. The Rhododendron there are now even several varieties that bloom again later in the year. By the way, strictly speaking, this is not a post-blooming, but a pre-bloom: Some of the new flower buds, which were actually created for the next year, open prematurely.

2. How and when do I properly harvest my ornamental squashes? Some are very quickly putrid.

The harvest time for ornamental pumpkins is end of August to September. If the plants are on the ground, the soil may be too wet - then you should put some straw under it. Once the fruits have formed a firm shell, they are ready for harvest.

Harvesting ornamental biscuits

Ornamental gourds are harvested from the end of August to September

3. My beans have withered and I want to take them out. Can you completely plant the plants on the compost?

Beans have small nodule bacteria at their roots, which are an important nitrogen source for the soil. You can simply cut back the harvested bean plants to the ground and dispose of them on the compost, but leave the roots in the soil for the winter, if you do not want to grow anything else on the spot.

4. Does water in a mini-pond not tip over over time? Or is there something added? I would like something super but my dog ​​drinks from and out of such waterholes. Additives such as chlorine should not be there. Which materials are suitable for the vessels?

Of course, chemical additives do not belong in a mini-pond. Ideal is a slightly shady place, as the cooler water temperature prevents excessive algae growth and maintains the biological balance. A small water fountain provides oxygen in the water and prevents rot. For very small mini-ponds, you should still replace the water at regular intervals and best use rainwater. If the shell is in the sun in the summer, a lot of water evaporates, which then has to be topped up. As a material vessels of oak are well suited. The humic acids contained therein lower the pH of the water and inhibit the growth of algae.

Water bowl as a mini-pond

A bowl can be used as a mini-pond

5. With my oleander, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. Why?

This can have different causes: An oleander has its natural location in river valleys and needs a lot of water, especially in summer, when it is hot. If only the older leaves turn yellow, a nitrogen deficiency or a natural foliage renewal can also cause the cause: The evergreen leaves turn only two years old and turn yellow before the oleander drops them off.

6. How and when do you cut the Lantana?

As lanterns grow vigorously, their shoot tips should be pruned several times a summer. The clippings can be used for cuttings - they easily grow roots. If berry-like seeds show up, they must be removed. Then the plants continue to bloom magnificently. You can find more information in the plant portrait.

7. Can you take seeds from Zinien himself? And what should be considered?

Zinnien is easy to grow its own seed. When the flowers have dried, you can pick the seeds well from the middle. It is best to harvest them on a sunny day as soon as the dew has dried. The seeds are allowed to dry for some time in the room and lifts them up to seed in the spring at cool temperatures breezy and dry, preferably in a paper bag.

Zinnia elegans 'Columbus scarlet fever'

Zinnia elegans 'Columbus scarlet fever'

8. Do you have a tip on how to get the plum moth away next year?

Above all, it is important not to leave the fallen fruit on the lawn so that the maggot-like caterpillars can not leave the fruit to pupate in the ground.As a precaution, you should hang plum wrappers next year from mid-May to mid-August. The traps work with a certain pheromone (sex attractant) and attract the males. As a result, fewer females are fertilized and there are fewer maggots. The traps are available for purchase in the MEIN shop.

9. We overwinter I water lilies? I have one in a small tub about 30 centimeters deep.

In November, the mini-pond is drained and cleared to winter quarters so that it does not freeze during the cold season. However, mini-ponds can also be placed completely in a dark, cool room (at 30 centimeters water depth quite feasible). If you do not have enough space, you can drain the water and overwinter the water lilies with water in a bucket or a mortar bucket, depending on the size. Important are hibernation temperatures below 10 degrees, so that the plants do not expire prematurely.

Hydrangea scraps under plastic bags

Hydrangea scraps under plastic bags

10. I have set hydrangea lotions. Can you tell me how often they have to be poured? Have them in Aussaaterde and under a plastic bag stuck and shaded.

Foil covered hydrangea scraps do not need to be poured as often. Usually you get a feel for it. It's best to check the soil moisture with your fingers and then decide if you should water something or not. Do not forget the regular airing so that the earth does not mold. Once the cuttings are rooted and begin to grow, they can be individually placed in small pots about ten centimeters in diameter and cultivated in a shady spot in the garden or greenhouse without foil cover. In the first winter you should store the young hydrangeas in a cool, frost-free place in the house, as the plants are still quite sensitive to frost. Next spring, they will be planted in the garden.

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