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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

The top questions of the calendar week 36

1. I've planted the fall anemone 'Honorine Jobert' three times in different locations, but it has never survived for more than a year. Can it be that she prefers to stand alone and can not tolerate neighbors?

Autumn anemones actually already tolerate neighboring plants, but strong-growing perennials can easily displace them. For example, autumn-iron-hat, star-throated or heuchera look very nice at their side. The variety 'Honorine Jobert' takes about two years to grow well in their location. Maybe you should leave them alone for the first few years and only when they have grown properly, put neighboring plants around them.

2. I keep hearing that agaves are hardy. But I always bring mine to the cellar because the previous owner said that they would be sensitive to frost. What's wrong?

Because of their usually low winter hardiness, agaves are mainly used as room or container plants. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can plant the hardy agaves in the garden, but then you should choose a sheltered place on a wall or, for example, in front of a natural stone wall, which gives off heat to the plant at night. Since agaves are particularly sensitive to winter wetness, a well-drained soil is essential.

Agaves in pots

Small, large, one-color or multi-colored: The genus of agaves is very versatile

3. My oleander has flowered this year as never before, but now instead of blooms strange comic "bumps" are forming. Is that a disease and if so, do I have to cut her away?

Do not worry, these are seed pods your oleander has trained. You can cut these out, because the seed formation costs the plant unnecessarily force and at the expense of the bloom new formation goes.

4. How and when do I cut an aronia shrub?

After the first year you should remove in early spring too close standing shoots in your Aronia and shorten new ground shoots about one third, so they branch well. In subsequent years, a Auslastungsschnitt in late winter is recommended every three years, in which each of the oldest main drives are removed.

Blueberry in the garden

The chokeberry is ornamental and useful plant in one. Thanks to beautiful flowers and a magnificent autumn color she is an eye-catcher over the year. It also provides us and many birds with their vitamin-rich berries

5. How long do I leave a perennial hibiscus in the pot outside?

Cut a perennial hibiscus in the pot completely in late autumn. Depending on the weather, he will then start again from the following spring in May. Winter protection is not necessary as the perennial hibiscus tolerates temperatures down to -30 degrees without any problems.

6. My honeysuckle gets almost no leaves. Although it makes leaves and flowers well, but he is now bald for two months, only the fruit stands are visible. What could be the reason?

Remote diagnosis is difficult, but if the honeysuckle leaves fall during flowering, it is often a sign of great heat or insufficient water supply. Forming the flowers is already a great show of strength for the plant, when it is still hot and dry, it means pure stress for the Lonicera and it throws off the foliage as a protective measure.

Fruits on a honeysuckle (Lonicera)

The fruits of the honeysuckle are depending on the species red or blue and slightly toxic

7. We planted a magnolia tree as a high-stem in the garden in the spring. Do I have to pay attention to further growth?

The root system of the magnolia runs very flat through the topsoil and is very sensitive to any kind of soil tillage. Therefore, you should not work the tree slice with the hoe, but simply cover with a layer of bark mulch or plant with compatible ground cover. Suitable species are for example the foam bloom (Tiarella) or the small periwinkle (Vinca). In addition, you should plan enough space for the magnolia, because almost all species and varieties go in the age enormously wide. Depending on the variety, the crown should have three to five meters on all sides to spread out.

8. My asters are infected with powdery mildew. Should I remove them completely or cut them to the ground?

Sick autumn-flowering asters infested with powdery mildew should be cut back in the fall and not be left until spring. Do not dispose of the diseased plant parts on the compost. When buying autumn asters, it is advisable to look for robust, healthy varieties, because many varieties are sensitive and susceptible to disease. Robust varieties include the Raublatt Aster 'Memory of Paul Gerber' or the Myrtle Aster 'Snowflurry'.

Carpet Aster Snowflurry

Much lower than their relatives remains the carpet-growing myrtle asters 'Snowflurry'

9. My tomatoes all have black spots inside but look normal from the outside. What could that be?

These are sprouted seeds. This is a whim of nature and can occur from time to time (in this case, the fruit is missing a specific germ-inhibiting enzyme). You can simply cut out the affected areas and eat the tomatoes as normal.

10. How do I raise a wisteria rainbow so that it can berate a pergola? I read that one should only pull one main trunk from which one then cuts the side shoots into two cuts (summer / winter). The side shoots I shortened in August to already 6 to 7 eyes.

For the wood pergola it is enough if you let the two to three strongest main branches stand and let them wind on the pergola. If you let the wisteria grow without education, then the shoots will be confused, so that a cut becomes impossible after only a few years. The pruning you made on the side shoots is correct. From a distance, however, we can not say whether in the new shoots after the pruning and wild shoots are there.

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