10 Hydrangeas 'Forever & Ever' to win

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The flowering 'Forever & Ever' hydrangeas are extremely easy to care for: they only need enough water and almost nothing else. The varieties are hardly higher than 90 centimeters and are therefore suitable for even the smallest plots. So the garden becomes a flower paradise with little effort.
In contrast to most other peasant hydrangeas, 'Forever & Ever' hydrangeas bloom reliably even after a stronger pruning in the spring. Each branch produces a flower, regardless of cutting or frost. Because of their compact growth, 'Forever & Ever' hydrangeas are also good for planters. As with all hydrangeas, they should not be too small and filled with sour, humus-rich potting soil. A partially shaded, not too hot place on the terrace is ideal for the perennial.

We are giving away five plants each in the colors blue and pink. To enter our raffle you just need to complete and submit the form below by July 20th - you're in. Good luck to all the participants!
The competition is closed!

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