The 10 most popular green plants

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The 10 most popular green plants: popular

Room Ivy
For some years now, ivy has been the undisputed number one among the green plants. One reason is his unpretentiousness, the second one Diversity: The green all-rounder offers varieties with fantastic leaf patterns and shapes. As a traffic light plant and on trellises he shows what he can do.

The 10 most popular green plants: popular

dragon tree
The popular indoor trees gleam with green or colorful striped leaves. Very decorative is, for example, the dragon tree Dracaena reflexa 'Song of India' with its bizarre growth and the yellow-green leaf creatures.

The 10 most popular green plants: green

Hardly anyone who does not know the popular potted trees! They exist as shrubbery and as phylum, even with braided trunk, The leaf shapes and colors also vary.

The 10 most popular green plants: plants

A leaf
The naturally glossy leaves and the pale white bracts, which last for weeks, make the leaf so attractive. And best of all: the jewel is very easy to clean.

The 10 most popular green plants: plants

Room Palms
With their elegant fronds spread room palms South Seas flair. Kentia palm (photo), dwarf date palm and mountain palm are very popular. Tip: As children of the tropics, they need it warm and humid.

The more creatures, the more beautiful the Yucca looks. Your plus: super easy to clean.
The whiz kid has conquered the hearts in no time.
Room Ferns
Moist air, damp earth and light shade - this is how the forest plants love it.
The patterned leaves are an attraction! Always keep warm and humid.
Lately there's the cute upholstery also with yellow hair.

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