10 Tips for gorgeous balcony flowers

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Annual balcony flowers are reliable perennial flowers for the entire season. With their versatility they fulfill every wish. But without care, they do not come out.

1. Regularly clean up blooms

Seed formation begins after fertilization with withering of the flowers. This process has the disadvantage that it binds many nutrients that are then missing for the formation of new flowers. Balcony flowers that are neither sterile nor self-cleaning - that is, discard their withered petals by themselves - should therefore be cleaned regularly. Twice about once a week with the fingernails the shoot tips with the withered inflorescences. The buds sitting in the leaf axils then drift off and form side shoots with new flowers. Important: Then supply the plants with a liquid complex fertilizer, so that they can quickly compensate for the loss of substance.

2. Use balcony boxes with water storage

On hot summer days, most balcony flowers have an immense amount of water. If you work, you can only pour in the morning and in the evening, which may not be enough. Very helpful are window boxes with integrated water reservoir. Special plastic inserts with extraction holes separate the water reservoir from the potting soil so that no waterlogging can occur. Several fabric strips act like candle wicks and allow the precious wet to slowly and well dosed ascend into the root zone.

Flower box with water storage

With special inserts, the water supply is ensured in the balcony box

3. Use only high quality potting soil

The substrate quality has a very large, often underestimated influence on the growth of the plants. Good potting soil is characterized by a high structural stability. This means that the proportion of airborne coarse pores in the soil is hardly reduced by decomposition processes until the end of the season. The roots are always well supplied with oxygen and hardly endangered. Anyone wishing to contribute to the protection of European peatlands should use peat-free substrates. They are not qualitatively worse today than peat-containing products.

4. New balcony flower varieties often have advantages

In hardly any ornamental plant group, breeding has made such rapid progress in recent decades as in balcony flowers. Current varieties are usually flowering and healthier than older varieties. Not to be underestimated are also other properties, about which the least hobby gardeners worry about the purchase of plants. These include, for example, the rainfastness of the flowers, which among other things, newer Petunia breeds excels, a compact, dense growth and the so-called self-cleaning. This is the ability of plants to shed their withered flowers.

Petunia with special leaf decoration

Petunia 'Fine Fine' is easy-care, flowering and ideal for sunny and partially shaded balconies

5. Flowers and leaf decoration for the shade

For flower boxes in sunny locations, there is a rich balcony plants selection. Creativity is needed in partial shade and shadows, because plants that feel well here are not so lavish with their flowers. To make sure that the boxes are attractive throughout the season, you should combine shade-tolerant, flowering balcony plants with leaf decoration species and plant, for example, shadow classics such as begonia, stinging nettle and vanilla flower also Caucasus forget-meow, pennywort and Hungarian sorrel in a box.

6. Sturdy attachment

Strong thunderstorms can develop enormous forces and tear flower boxes out of their anchorage. Therefore, attach the containers carefully with a reliable, stable holder from the retailer (for example from Emsa). For safety reasons, always place the boxes on the inside of the railing. Especially if your balcony is over a street or a footpath.

Fix the balcony box to the railing

With the right mount you can secure your plants and the pedestrians moving under your balcony

7. Tempered irrigation water

When the root ball cools abruptly by 15 to 20 degrees during the summer, delicate plants temporarily stop growing. Therefore, leave cold tap water in the watering can for a few hours and water in the early morning if possible. Ideal is a rain barrel, because the water is not only well tempered, but also low in minerals, which benefits above all lime-sensitive balcony flowers. In dry summers, however, the demand can only be met with large rain reservoirs.

8. Pay attention to good height graduation

The perfect flower box is one that you do not even notice, because it disappears completely under the sea of ​​flowers of the balcony flowers. In order to achieve this ideal condition, you need not only upright growing but also hanging varieties. The latter is planted on the "chocolate side" of the box in the foreground and arranges the balcony flowers with upright growth behind.

Pflanzidee balcony box

In the example 1. Fan-flower (Scaveola) and 2. Vervain (Verbena) cover the front of the box, behind it grow 3. Geranium, 4. Flour-sage and 5. Hard-working Lieschen

9. Protect balcony boxes from rain

Heavy rains can make neatly planted flower boxes. Particularly sensitive are plants with large, paper-thin petals, because they stick with too much rain quickly and then unsightly. If possible, place your flower boxes under a roof projection on the inside of the railing, as this will protect you a bit. This is especially true for balconies or terraces that are oriented to the west - this is the main wind direction in Central Europe.

10. Without nutrients no flowers

Balcony flowers are not among the plants commonly referred to as "weaklings." On the contrary, most species only flower throughout the summer if they are well supplied with nutrients. Even with pre-fertilized soil, the reserves are consumed in early summer. From this point you should enrich the irrigation water once a week with liquid balcony flower fertilizer. If possible, use a branded product: Independent tests show that the quality of many no-name products is significantly worse.

Liquid fertilizer is dosed

With the right fertilizer you help your flowers to long blooms

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