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If you plant them in the evening, they have grown up to the sky in the morning. "Many know the fairy tale of Hans and the bean vine, but unfortunately there is still no magic that will make our plants huge overnight still just a virtue, in which one just has to practice steadily as a gardener - a little "trick" but you can already.

1. Screen protection on the fly

Wicker mats as a privacy screen

Wicker mats are decorative and, unlike a hedge, provide reliable privacy from day one

Many gardeners want a second seat in a secluded corner on the garden border, but often it still lacks privacy. It takes far too long for hedges or trees to grow tall enough. Ideal are finished wicker mats or elements from the hardware store. They look natural and can be easily integrated anywhere. With wooden posts, which are fixed with so-called post anchors on small concrete foundations, the screen is sufficiently stable. Tip: Use a pre-mixed, quick-setting concrete for the foundations - so you can set up the privacy screen in one day.

2. The green carpet from the roll


Turf is delivered fresh and should be laid on the same day

If you have decided to plant a lawn, you do not want to wait long for the green carpet. Rolling turf is more expensive than sown grass, but is the fastest. If the turf is ready, you should also lose no time laying, since the turf rollers otherwise start to rot. The soil is previously loosened, leveled and pre-compacted with a lawn roller. Water well after rolling. From the ground preparation to the accessible lawn only one day passes. In comparison, sun-drilled lawns take about four to six weeks to mow, depending on weather conditions. Until the lawn is tight, several weeks pass with several mowing gears. Rolling lawns are available as ornamental lawns, lawns for games or shade lawns.

Lawns in the MEIN shop

3. Flowering shrubs for all cases

butterfly Bush

The summer lilac (Buddleja davidii) is growing very fast

When buying bushes are often still quite low and it may take years to reach the desired height. The best size when buying is between 100 and 150 centimeters. There are also species that are in a hurry to get bigger. These include simple but effective flowering shrubs such as summer lilac, forsythia, blood currant, scented jasmine or Kolkwitzie. The disadvantage that fast-growing shrubs usually have to be cut more often makes up for the price: they are cheap because they can be used in the nursery accordingly quickly.

4. Simple stairs to do it yourself

Slopes and slopes are accessible by garden stairs. If you do not use them too often, so-called stick levels of round timbers suffice. For the plant no excavator is necessary and no tedious stone towing. With the spade, the steps are pre-modeled at treadle height. The vertical walls are then supported with roundwoods, which are supported by piles. Chipping on the treads prevents the steps becoming mushy in the rain.

5. Colorful beds in a jiffy

Colorful flowerbed

With flower seed mixtures, you can plant bedding areas quickly and effectively

You have a larger bare area that should be transformed as quickly as possible into a sea of ​​flowers? With flower meadow mixtures your dream will be fulfilled in only four to six weeks. Loosen the soil before sowing at the end of April / beginning of May, sow seeds, lightly rake in, water - done! During germination, make sure that the seedbed does not dry out. The first species are already blooming after one month. In June and September is mowed. Small areas can be equipped with annual summer flowers, which can be bought in bloom from May. In just a few hours, a colorful summer bed is created.

6. Rapid skydivers

Morning Glory

The morning glory (Ipomoea) grows fast and blooms throughout the summer

An arbor or a gazebo works first with climbing plants. They help ensure that the cozy seat does not look bare. One-year-old climbing artists such as Morning Glory (Ipomoea), Runner Bean (Phaseolus), Scarce Vetch (Lathyrus odoratus) or Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) grow and bloom fastest. For their quick start and rich blooms, they need plenty of water and regular fertilizer. Perennial vigorous climbers such as hops (Humulus lupulus), honeysuckle or clematis replace the annual climbers after the first season and provide a permanent greening.

7. Hedges that grow rapidly

Fast-growing hedges provide reliable privacy at the garden edge within a few years.In addition to tree of life (Thuja) and cypress (Chamaecyparis), there are also rapidly growing hedgerows such as privet (Ligustrum vulgare) or field maple (Acer campestre). They are cheap, but need a strong pruning when planting, so they are as dense as possible. Nurseries also offer so-called hedge elements, which are already prefabricated in box form and about two meters high, from the most popular hedge plants.

8. Mobile flower stars

Panicle hydrangea in the pot

Panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata) as container plants on the terrace

The terrace is paved ready, the new seating group already there - now you only need a flourishing backdrop. Many of our garden plants such as hydrangeas (panicles hydrangea, photo) feel well in large pots and enrich the seating from day to morning with fresh green and large flowers. You can change places as needed and stay in the planter all year round. Flowering splendor is also promised by Mediterranean tub plants such as oleander, angel trumpet or lantana. However, they are not hardy and have to move to the frost-free area in autumn.

9. Juck, the surface is tight


Spurs forming storkbill species are well suited for rapid and easy-care greening of tree disks

Who wants to plant larger areas attractive, but would like to do without lawns, meets with ground cover the best choice. Among them, there are species that do not take long to completely cover the bed surface and sustainably suppress the weeds. Many cranesbill species only need a few years to densify the areas. Lady's mantle (Alchemilla), golden strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata), pennywort (Lysimachia nummularia) or evergreen ivy are good for planting trees. Depending on the size and vigor of the species with four to twelve plants per square meter.

10. Practical eye-catcher in front of bare walls

In front of garage walls, the wall of the house on the terrace or screens, you can quickly build up a flexible shelf with old fruit or wine boxes. You do not need a nail or a hammer for that. The crates are either upright or crosswise and placed side by side, so that each box has a stable state. The individual compartments provide space for flowering potted plants, deco or practical utensils for gardening. Incidentally, the boxes can be changed at any time - and painted at will with different colors.

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