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Very few people should remain calm and relaxed when the unmistakably bright "Bssssss" of a mosquito sounds. In the past years, the populations have increased due to mild winters and rainy summers with floods and so plague us the little bloodsucker not only at lakes, but also in the domestic domicile.

In addition, in addition to the species native to us, a new visitor spreads - the tiger mosquito. In its actual distribution areas Africa, Asia and South America, the mosquito is especially feared as a carrier of dangerous viral diseases such as dengue, Chikungunya and because of the spread of the Zika virus. Dr. However, Norbert Becker, scientific director of the KABS (Community Action Group to combat snoring), fears no serious diseases caused by the mosquito, since they first have to "charge" themselves to an infected person with the pathogens.

Mosquito with eggs

A mosquito sticks up to three hundred eggs in a small boat, which then floats on the water surface

Mosquito precaution is important

A female mosquito is able to lay up to three hundred eggs. For this she really only needs some stale water in a flower pot, a bucket or a rain barrel. The sheer amount of offspring that hatch in warm temperatures within two to four weeks then sets off an avalanche-like reproduction. That's why it's important to avoid breeding grounds in your home garden. The ten best tips against mosquitoes we have compiled for you in the following gallery.

Citrus fruits and cloves banch mosquitoes

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10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

10 Tips against mosquitoes: tips

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10 tips against mosquitoes

10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

If you do not have an insect screen at the window, you can also resort to fragrant defenses. The scent of halved citrus fruits, spiked with cloves on the windowsills or on the balcony, has a deterrent effect on the bloodsuckers

10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

The garden pond is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Anyone who keeps frogs and fish here has less to worry about with mosquitoes, as the larvae are at the top of their diet

10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

If you want to enjoy an unkerstochenen evening, should put on light and loose clothes and stockings. Mosquitoes like to sting the thin skin on the ankles. They are also attracted to dark clothes. If it is still close to the skin, sometimes they even pierce through them

10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

In order for mosquitoes to find as few breeding grounds in the garden as possible, you should avoid puddles of any kind. Turn over buckets, wheelbarrows, and other objects to prevent water from collecting in them. Even with bird baths and containers for cutting plants, the water should be changed daily. So the mosquito brood has no chance to develop

10 Tips against mosquitoes: water

For butterflies a true magnet, for mosquitoes a horror: plants such as lavender, tomato, catnip, basil, lemon balm or Duftpelargonie have a deterrent effect on mosquitoes. Set up on the balcony, they ensure a perfect enjoyment of the evening sun

10 Tips against mosquitoes: tips

Mosquitoes smell the smell of our skin and the carbon dioxide emission while breathing. An overhead fan blows the track and the draft makes it difficult to undisturbed bloodsucking

10 Tips against mosquitoes: mosquitoes

The main breeding ground for mosquitoes is the local rain barrel. But there are simple ways to counter mosquitoes. Take a plastic insect screen, place it over the rain barrel and fix it with a locking ring. Thus, although the water comes from the gutter in the bin, but no mosquitoes. If even mosquito larvae are present in the barrel, you can get for free from their community anti-mosquito protein. This is eaten by the larvae and they die from it. For other creatures or plants it is completely harmless

10 Tips against mosquitoes: tips

Many know this: If you are traveling in a group, there is always one or the other, which is stung particularly often. This also has to do with our natural body odor. A shower before sleeping or leaving with a shower gel that contains a defensive odorant such as citrus can work wonders

10 Tips against mosquitoes: water

Even in drains, puddles often form when the water can not flow away unhindered. Make sure that the sieves of the floor drains on the balcony or terrace are not clogged with leaves or the like

10 Tips against mosquitoes: garden

If it does happen and you have been stung, your own saliva or vegetable juice from ribwort plantain, basil, sage or daisy helps.The liquid cools the puncture, the active ingredients contained soothe the itching and also partially promote wound healing. In the case of our saliva, it is the protein histatin that supports wound healing. Scratching aggravates the itching and can lead to the inflammation of the mosquito bite

Citrus fruits and cloves banch mosquitoes

Fish in the pond against mosquitoes

Woman in sandals

Empty the water tank

Lavender against mosquitoes

Ventilator against mosquitoes

Rain barrel mosquito free

Showers against mosquitoes

Keep drains free

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