14 Popular pumpkin varieties

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Pumpkins are something special

Even in the smallest gardens, the pumpkin experiences the greatest popularity. We would like to introduce you to 14 popular pumpkin varieties.

Make delicious dishes

Pumpkins are something very special. Not only can you decorate your home, you can also eat certain pumpkin varieties. For example, you can make a soup or puree out of it. You can also serve the pumpkin simply as a side dish to a delicious menu. There are really no limits to the imagination here. We would like to introduce you to 14 popular pumpkin varieties that taste really delicious.

1. Hokkaido:
Probably the most popular pumpkin today is called the Hokkaido, because it can be cooked as a whole due to a thinner shell. Its relatively small fruit (about 2 kilograms heavy) can be used excellently for a soup, a puree or as a vegetable.

2. Sweet Dumpling:
Equally well suited for these kitchen purposes is the Sweet Dumpling. This is a small, cream-colored fruit that has dark longitudinal grooves. The Sweet Dumpling has a firm pulp, which is slightly sweet.

3. Piena di Napoli:
This is a bottle-shaped pumpkin. The pulp is yellow-orange and has an aromatic taste. This pumpkin is very universally applicable.

4th winter luxury
With this type of pumpkin you can make cakes, soups, purees as well as jams. But also for carving, this pumpkin is very good, because it is almost spherical.

5. Bishop's cap:
Also very popular in the kitchen is the Bischofsmütze, which may only be eaten raw - e.g. in the salad.

6. Amber Cup:
The Ambercup has a light chestnut flavor. Therefore, it is ideal for cake preparation and sweet food preparations.

7. Baby Bear:
Furthermore, the versatile type of food Baby Bear is very much planted. From this pumpkin you can also make purees, soups, cakes or jams. You can also fill the pumpkin though.

8. Butter squash / butternut:
The gourd is also very popular because it does not disintegrate so easily during cooking. This is not to be confused with the elongated, gray-green butternut, which can be cooked raw and cooked very tasty.

9. Delicatas:
For grilling and stewing the Delicata is very good. He has a sweet pulp. In the US, this pumpkin is also called Sweet Potato.

10. Acorn squash:
For frying the acorn squash is very well suited. Very much like this pumpkin is also gutted and provided with a filling. You can also peel the pumpkin and fry the pulp.

11. Mandarin:
This pumpkin got its name from the ribbed shell, which is reminiscent of a mandarin. This pumpkin tastes sweet. You can fill the pumpkin, fry the pulp or use it for baking.

12. Patisson:
The Patisson is especially good for canning. This is also a pretty decorative pumpkin.

13. Muscade de Provence:
If you like the taste of nutmeg, then you should opt for the Muscade de Provence variety.

14. North Georgia:
Far more nutty on the other hand tastes the elongated North Georgia. The pulp is dark yellow to orange, dry, firm and tastes very sweet.

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