3 Tips for water lilies to bloom magnificently

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Water lilies are blooming tips

A pond in the garden is gorgeous. It not only attracts animals, it is also perfect as a design element and you can do a lot for a great look. It is even more beautiful when you plant water lilies that transform the water surface into a colorful sea of ​​flowers with your flowers. But not every water-lily blooms the way you want it.

If she does not do that, then read ours here Tips and solutions with it Water lilies bloom magnificently:

  1. She gets too little sun. Water lilies should get at least six hours of sun a day. Only then do they develop properly and bloom as you imagine.
  2. The water should not be too shallow. The deeper, the better. If they do not flower and only form leaves, that could be a reason.
  3. Fountains and fountains are also a thorn in the side of the water lilies. If they are permanently sprinkled with water, that's not exactly conducive.

By the way, if the water surface is too densely populated with water lilies and the leaves are setting up, then it's time to take out and divide the plants.

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