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The perennial nursery Gaissmayer in Illertissen celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Her secret: boss and employees see themselves as plant enthusiasts.

The base was a cottage garden

retail space

Sales area of ​​the perennial garden Gaissmayer

Anyone visiting the perennial nursery Gaissmayer not only buys plants, but also gets plenty of practical tips and takes home a feeling for the garden as a cultural asset.
Dieter Gaissmayer's horticultural roots lie in the green kingdom of his aunt. Here the company owner found the basics for his first assortment. He dug up and multiplied herbal garden plants such as gold-leaf-fern, iron-hat and mint. The foundation for the new operation on the grounds of the former hospital garden of Illertissen was created.

Dieter Gaissmayer

Dieter Gaissmayer

Today, 30 years later, the supply is growing long ago. The perennial nursery Gaissmayer maintains its own Mother plants Acker - that is not self-evident in the industry. About two-thirds of the unusually large assortment are reproduced by this field in an exact manner. In general, Dieter Gaissmayer attaches importance to cultivating shrubs and not producing them. "It depends on their inner values," explains the boss. It is important to him that his perennials grow in the open air all year round, so that the harsh Swabian climate she cures.
"Is the man crazy?", Some will have wondered at the sight of the owner with a luscious herb wreath on his head when he is passionate about mass producers of perennials or spontaneously tunes a song in the garden. Others find him straightforward. His advice comes concentrated, they speak a wealth of experience: never hack perennials, that destroys their roots and promotes only the weeds. Snail-eaten funerals can be cut back to mid-June, returning with pristine foliage. Running ducks for snail fight must be rasserein, are worthwhile only for very large gardens and not in fox areas.

translucent sun

White common sunhat (Echinacea)

What his employees always recommend to their customers, Gaissmayer also consistently pursues in its own nursery. The perennials are arranged strictly according to their areas of life, shadow plants grow under a removable net, marsh perennials are flooded. Customers can take plants on site or be sent as a package. In addition to the standard assortment with many herbs, the organic nursery offers around 50 different mints, several phloxes and numerous rarities. Thirty years ago no one asked for diversity, Gaissmayer recalls: "At that time there was Oregano and Thyme. My range of kitchen herbs has increased tenfold since then. "


Delicate mint fragrance exude the hanging pots

"We gardeners must be plant enthusiasts, in the true sense of the word," he says. If customers have failures, it is always small defeats for him, because Gaissmayer feels responsible for the garden success with its perennials. The desire for plant diversity drives him again and again. "Here I am, a primitive Swabian: The plant is beautiful now, but I can also bathe in it, dye it, heal it, eat it," he says. The innkeeper of the nearby inn "Krone" regularly inspires him to new herb dishes.
Original deco ideas provide for the special Gaissmayer flair, song and narrative evenings spice up the offer, a small café invites you to linger. Soon a greenhouse is to be converted into a function room. It is also the cultural institution garden that Dieter Gaissmayer has dedicated his life to.

walking boots

Much can serve as a pot - even old hiking boots

What does he wish for his gardening for his birthday? "That she gradually lets me go a bit and continues her way," says Gaissmayer. At the moment, the plant enthusiast is intensively occupied with grasses, historical perennials - and has fallen for the North American forest shrubs: "They are so well transferable to our climate, which one can not necessarily say of the Chinese."
Dieter Gaissmayer loves the plants, but also the humans - and of course the fine sense of humor, for which he is well known. And when from a corner of the nursery rhyme: "Dieter, you donkey, come here!", The boss would come trotting - knowing that on the lawn next door is a friendly gray animal that hears the same name...

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