5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet

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At the wedding party it is often the details that enchant us: a gorgeous bridal bouquet and these five tips help to make the day unforgettable.

1. Flowers - the right kinds

The choice of flowers for the bridal bouquet is influenced primarily by the overall style of the wedding. So, before you start thinking about the bridal bouquet, first define what direction your wedding should take. Do you dream of a pompous and noble wedding or of a romantic, but simple celebration? There is the perfect flower arrangement for every wedding. However, it is important not to use flowers that are too blooming - because of the pollen that can easily rub off on the wedding dress, they are not suitable for bridal bouquets.

2. Wedding dress - the perfect combination

In the own bridal bouquet usually the favorite flowers should enter. Keep in mind, however, that the bridal bouquet is the most important accessory you will wear as a bride on your big day. So always choose flowers that are designed to match your wedding look - even if they are not the favorite flowers that usually appear as a decorative element in the living room.

3. Bridal bouquet - matching colors

The colors of your bridal bouquet are crucial to your overall wedding look. The bridal bouquet should therefore in combination with your wedding dress necessarily give a coherent overall picture. Also, make sure that the colors of the flowers match your bridal make-up and hairstyle. As a rule, it is best to combine no more than four different colors for the bridal bouquet. Popular colors are mainly pastel shades, pink, white and purple.

 Bridal bouquet of roses

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5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: bouquet

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: perfect

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: tips


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5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: tips

If you want to make a romantic bridal bouquet, you should choose pastel-colored roses in lilac or pink

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: perfect

A bridal bouquet with white flowers is guaranteed to match any wedding dress

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: bridal

A combination of roses, peonies and star-shaped umbels looks especially nice

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: tips

The bridal bouquet is usually worn in the right hand

5 Tips for the perfect bridal bouquet: tips

Yellow roses in the bridal bouquet can be combined very well with daisies

 Bridal bouquet of roses

White bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet of peonies

Handy bridal bouquet

Little bridal bouquet

4. Binding form - the right shape and size

The perfect shape of your bridal bouquet depends primarily on the style of your wedding dress. It is important that your bridal bouquet lies well in your hand, so that it does not become a disturbing appendix. Handy binding forms, such as the Biedermeier shape, are highly recommended. Keep in mind that the bridal bouquet is usually held in the hands the whole day until the bridal bouquet is thrown. Make sure that it is not too heavy. To keep your bridal bouquet fresh all day long, you should definitely get it tied up by a florist. Great advantage: This can advise you at the same time in the selection of flowers and the binding form.

5. Flower decoration - a uniform style

A degree of individuality is recommended for all decorative arrangements, but you should not overdo it at your own wedding. The bridal bouquet and the remaining flower decoration should always give a coherent overall picture. In most cases, the motto is: less is more.

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