5 Tips for garden irrigation

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If a dry period occurs in summer, it is important that you do the garden irrigation yourself. You should always follow our tips.

Do not let the floor dry out

Grab the garden hose yourself!

A prolonged dry period without significant rainfall can mean the death of the native garden. If the rain can not be seen for several weeks, as a hobby gardener, you can either watch the grass go over the Jordan - or even play Rain God.

Whether lawn sprinkler or permanently installed irrigation system: With the right equipment, the sensitive plant life can survive the rainless time. However, putting the garden under water at will is the wrong way, because too much watering at the wrong time is just as bad for the garden. Therefore, you should follow these five tips when watering.

Irrigate Garden - Follow these 5 tips

Tip 1 - The right sprinkler:

When buying, you should have the format of your lawn in mind. Because mobile sprinklers irrigate depending on the design of different surfaces, such as circular or rectangular. Although the size of the surface can usually be regulated, the shape is often not.

With the right sprinkler edge areas are easily accessible - and the veranda must not be involuntarily mitbewässert. Modern high-pressure cleaners are better for cleaning terrace surfaces anyway.

Tip 2 - The right timing:

As a general rule: start watering sooner rather than later. Once the soil is completely dry, any help comes too late. If the first blades of grass hang their heads, this should be the starting point for the water supply. Gardeners have an advantage that does not trim their turf too short before summer: if the grass stays a bit longer, it does not need water that much.

Tip 3 - The right time:

If you love your lawn, then you should never turn the lawn sprinkler on in the blazing sun at noon. Because of the drops of water the lawn burns literally. In addition, only a small amount of water really gets to the bottom: much of it has already evaporated again in the sun before it can take effect. Therefore, water early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not strong enough.

Tip 4 - The right amount:

For the amount of water, it is important to find the golden mean. Generally, extensive irrigation is better for the lawn than several small ones. Each square meter should be supplied with at least 30 to 40 liters of water to allow sufficient moisture to penetrate the ground. However, your garden should not resemble a marshland, otherwise mold may form.

Tip 5 - The right source:

Water from the pipe is not nearly as good as real rainwater for the lawn. If you have the opportunity to collect rainfall in a rain barrel and refrain from the hard, calcareous tap water, you should use the stored rain for irrigation. This saves money and spares the lawn.

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