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In the outdoor sector, the signs point to color: Even with the planters cheerful tones are a top trend, because they are ideal for the bright summer bloomers and plant beauties of the season.
The design line "No1 Style" by Scheurich convinces with clear lines. A characteristic feature of the series with the modern thick-walled outfit is the special closure, which is stored under the vessel when used outdoors in the "parking position". If the move to the house, such as the wintering of the plants, can thus close the drain hole on the bottom of the pot from the bottom absolutely drip-free. Thanks to the two-part edge cleaning and repotting are done quickly: With the inner removable ring can be pulled out of the pot ball and the soil can be easily removed.
MEIN and Scheurich are giving away six four-piece sets in the colors Pure Lilac and Pure Gray, consisting of two planters each measuring 40 cm in diameter and two tall tubes measuring 32 and 43 cm in height. Each set has a value of over 80 euros.

The competition is closed!

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