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For home and garden, there are many accessories and attachments. These include garden furniture such as tables and garden chairs, awnings and much more. Find out more about the variety of garden furniture and garden accessories here.
We do not present the usual accessories for a garden here, but rather something unusual. Garden chairs and tables are treated in detail in another section. This is about hanging chairs, gazebos, awnings, screens, planters, rocking chairs and chairs, pool chairs, water mills, beach chairs and others. Also many possibilities of accommodation of garden accessories are presented.
Whether garden box, garden cupboard, tool shed, chests, Holzgerätehaus or the like, there are many ways to make garden furniture as well as garden tools and tools disappear.
Of course, the little ones should not miss out too. A children's pavilion is a visually beautiful but also useful thing for them. It prevents damaging UV rays and also protects against a light rain shower. Many of the pavilions can be closed by zip or Velcro closures. They make it an ideal hiding place for children and a place where they can retire.
An element house is presented. The practical thing about these garden sheds is that they can be enlarged at any time as needed by attachments. You just add a few elements and build. The house is growing, so to speak.
Awnings serve as sun protection. They are very practical. There are many different variants. If one plans to purchase an awning, one can inform oneself here about the different kinds. Also sun sails are well suited as shading. One of its advantages is that they are very variable. You can use them practically anywhere. They are easy to fold up and easy to transport. You can take them everywhere with you and build with the right accessories there.
Learn more about gardening accessories on the following pages.

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