Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance

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Anyone who is constantly tired and tired or repeatedly caught cold may have an unbalanced acid-base balance. In such disorders, naturopathy assumes that the body is acidified. Changing the diet to balancing fruits and vegetables can balance the acid-base balance. It is certain, even if there is criticism of this theory, that in a normal metabolism in the body constantly acid. And also through the food, we always absorb different acids. However, because the organism relies on a stable pH, it has developed different mechanisms of regulation.

Basic substances, especially minerals, buffer and neutralize acids. In addition, they are released constantly via breathing air, sweat or urine. If this is not enough, according to naturopathic teachings, the excess acids are deposited in the connective tissue or joints. Possible consequences include fatigue, muscle, joint and / or headaches, a susceptibility to infections or heartburn. In addition, an acid-base imbalance has a reputation for promoting osteoporosis. For the organism uses minerals from the bones in its effort to always balance.

Harvest spinach

With a balanced diet, spinach is one of the vegetables that should regularly be on the table. It is rich in chlorophyll, which is considered to form a base. There are also vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium

In order to restore the balance in the acid-base household, naturopaths rely on the right food in the form of fruits and vegetables - preferably in the context of a multi-week course. It is recommended to take around 70 to 80 percent of so-called base formers daily. These are mainly mineral-rich plant foods such as vegetables, lettuce and fruits. Even very sour-tasting fruits should react basic in the body. Fresh herbs on the food are considered an excellent supplement. In addition, you can take base preparations.

carrot juice

Carrot juice has a detoxifying effect, since liquid deposits are thus reduced. Tip: Always put some oil in the juice!

Meat, fish, sausage, wholegrain cereals and dairy products are therefore metabolized sour and should account for only 20 to 30 percent of the food. You should completely avoid sweets, white flour products and alcohol. Exercise in the fresh air is also important to exhale more acids. Particularly effective is a sweaty sport, as the negative substances can be excreted very well on the skin. Another option is regular sauna visits. The liver also needs a lot of attention, because it has to make sure that our blood does not become "sour". Bitter-containing foods such as corn salad, endives or artichokes support the work of the organ.

Vegetables for a good acid-base balance

Brussels sprouts

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Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: vegetables

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: vegetables

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: balance


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Vegetables for a healthy acid-base balance

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: balance

Brussels sprouts are a good source of vitamin K that the body needs for strong bones. If the acid-base balance is not in order, it also leads to osteoporosis more often

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: acid-base

Although it tastes so sour, basic substances are produced in the body during the processing of apple cider vinegar. He can even relieve heartburn. Add a teaspoon to half a glass of water and drink

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: these

Potatoes are good for the acid-base balance when cooked with sea salt. So the ratio between sodium and potassium is exactly right

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: vegetables

Raw, unheated sauerkraut is full of living microorganisms that support the metabolism

Acid-base balance: these fruits and vegetables balance: fruits

Ginger gets the metabolism going

Brussels sprouts

Apple Cider Vinegar




Skincare Basenbad self-made

To balance its acid-base balance, you can also easily prepare a skin-conditioning base bath yourself. The skin is the largest organ in humans and is said to give off many acids in a bath.
Dissolve 100 grams of soda in a bowl of warm water and pour the mixture into a full bath (water temperature about 38 degrees Celsius). Add five drops of natural lavender oil to help detoxify. The approximately 45-minute bathing pleasure makes the skin very delicate, as its moisturizing properties are thereby stimulated.

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