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As Muckefuck called the coffee substitute from components of domestic plants. It used to be drunk by many people instead of real bean coffee. Today you discover the tasty and healthy alternatives again - for example, the digestible acorn coffee, which you can easily make yourself.
Until the middle of the last century, it was normal for many people to resort to coffee surrogates, as the real bean coffee was simply too expensive. It used almost everything that nature had to offer, such as acorns, beechnuts, chicory roots and cereals. Since many people today eat health-conscious and want to give up caffeine, these alternative types of coffee are rediscovered. The acorn coffee is appreciated for its spicy flavor and is also very healthy on top of that.

Preparation of acorn coffee

First of all, you need acorns. It is advisable to use the fruits of the stalk oak (Quercus robur), the most common type of oak, because they have the best taste. To try the coffee, first a medium sized bowl full of collected acorns is sufficient. These must first be freed from their shell. This works best with a nutcracker. After peeling, a thin, brown skin adheres to the glans penis, which must also be removed. It is best scrubbed with a knife. The acorns are then placed in a bowl of warm water. This causes the tannins contained in the fruit to be dissolved out and the coffee later tastes not bitter.

Acorns oak

The ripe fruits of the stalk oak (Quercus robur) are best for acorn coffee

The acorns stay in the water bath for 24 hours. Then the tannin brown discolored water is poured away, the acorn seeds are rinsed once again with clear water and then dried. The dried kernels are minced and roasted in a non-fat pan over low heat for about half an hour. Stir constantly so they do not turn black. Once you have a golden brown color, you're done.

Then you grind the acorn seeds in the coffee grinder or crush them in a mortar, which is much more laborious. From the finished glans powder simply stir two heaped teaspoons into a cup of hot water - the acorn coffee is ready. Alternatively, you can brew the powder in a coffee filter with boiling water. But then the taste is not so intense, even if you take a spoon more per cup. If you want, you can refine the acorn coffee with a pinch of cinnamon or add sugar or milk - in any case, the wholesome and aromatic hot drink stimulates the digestive system and also reduces blood pressure. The remaining powder should be kept cool and dark in a clean jam jar and consumed in a timely manner, as the greasy acorn powder quickly becomes rancid.

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