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1 Advent

Advent quiz: the winners: answer

Sewn by hand Nicholas boot with personal embroidery by designer Simone Bröker

At the weekend our Advent Quiz went into the first round. We wanted to know from you which old winter vegetables are healthy and are now back in fashion. Correct answer was C. Parsnips and Jerusalem artichoke are back on the plate today.
Our winner is
Petra Klein from 66822 Lebach.
She has won the Nicholas boot by designer Simone Bröker.

2nd Advent

Advent quiz: the winners: answer

Candle set from broste Copenhagen

On the second weekend of Advent, we raffled off three candle sets from broste Copenhagen, each worth around 51 euros.
The quiz question was: "Where is the school museum, where you can sit for an hour the school bench as in 1900?
The right answer: "Zell-Weierbach near Offenburg"
Gregor Anders from 79111 Freiburg
Edda Wildhirt from 42653 Solingen
Ute Tepe from 13349 Berlin

3rd Advent

Advent quiz: the winners: winners

Blanket made of merino wool by Steiner 1888

On the third weekend of Advent, you were able to win a cuddly blanket made of merino wool from Steiner 1888.
The quiz question was: "For some years, the feeding of overwintering birds in the criticism - completely wrong, as new scientific studies prove.With which one can feed birds in the winter without hesitation?"
The correct answer: "Sunflower Seeds and Apple Pieces"
And the winner is:
Judith Sponge cloth from 55288 Gabsheim

4th Advent

Advent quiz: the winners: advent

Natural salt mill "Saltini's"

On the last weekend of Advent, there were three salt mills with Saltini salt to win.
The quiz question was: "What is the poinsettia made in the category" Decoration & Creative "?"
The correct answer: "Rebholz"
Carsten Fabri from 45279 Essen
Viviane Prassberger from 83233 Bernau
Brunhilde Dickmann 47929 Gefrath

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