White flies against kohlrabi, kale, petunia

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White flies against kohlrabi, kale, petunia: kale

The damage caused by the white fly is as follows: By sucking the plants are weakened. Vegetables and flowers are also polluted by the numerous excretions. It forms sticky honeydew. On this turn, mushrooms settle, which can lead to damage to the plants and fruits. All in all, very annoying. What can be done against the pests?

How to recognize the white fly?

  • about 2 mm big white animals
  • prefer to sit on the underside of leaves
  • fly into swarms when touched
  • Larvae white to transparent and immobile
  • Sticky leaf surface due to honeydew in the case of heavy infestation
  • Leaves can turn yellow, wither and die off


Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, one should initiate timely countermeasures so that the flying and crawling pests can not settle first and then spread.
Vegetable protection nets offer quite reliable protection. They are available with different mesh sizes. The best are very fine-meshed nets (0.8 mm). It is important that the plants are not yet infected, otherwise you have the pests under the nets.
Nets must be well closed. Do not leave any gaps, otherwise everything is free! Leave nets on the plants until harvest.
An important precautionary measure is to remove the thorough weed. The white fly loves thistles, frenchweed, chickweed and other cruciferous vegetables. The plants are food and wintering quarters. Ensure balanced fertilization - avoid using too much nitrogen fertilizer.

Fight white fly

It is not easy to fight the white fly. It remains almost exclusively on the underside of the leaves and in case of danger, the flies fly off. That's why spraying often does not do much for you. If you spray early in the morning, the flies are still sluggish, because the fight is the most sinful.
  • Good are pesticide based on potash soap base (Neudosan AF New aphid = ready to use).
  • Also effective are agents based on rapeseed oil (pest-free Naturen AF = ready to use).
  • Very favorable to the environment are products based on neem oil.
For vegetables pyrethrum remedies are well suited. This is a biological agent based on chrysanthemums. The remedy will be reduced almost immediately. After 24 hours, the vegetables can be consumed.
You have to spray the leaves from above and below, dripping wet.
The measures must be repeated every 5 to 8 days to catch all stages of development!
In the greenhouse (closed) you can use yellow sheets. The flies stick to them.
Do not use yellow sheets outdoors. Too many beneficial insects also stick!
In the greenhouse also hatch and ground wasps can be used, but best with a lighter initial infestation. The garden needs too many insects. Often you can not do much.

home remedies

Home remedies are often just as effective as bought ones. Mostly you can save a lot of money by the application and the environment before chemistry:
Soft soap solution
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 tablespoon of soft soap
  • 1 dash of alcohol
  • Spray on the plants again and again over a few days
  • add the remnants of smoked cigarettes with water
  • let stand overnight and then spray plants
  • Must be repeated! Better not use for vegetables!

Put micandra plants between the vegetables! Some swear by it, others think it does not work. It only helps to try out. However, it is a poisonous plant, it seeds itself and can overgrow the garden.
The white fly is difficult to fight. If you do not want to use chemistry, you often have to try some remedies. For one, this helps, but for another, 100% does not help, because you almost never catch all the pests. Often, however, it is enough to contain the infestation, so that no mass plague is. Nets are a wise thing to protect vegetables from the white fly.

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