Remedy for sciarids and fruit flies in potting soil

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Flying in potting soil

You can use the following precautions to ensure that the sciarid mosquitoes do not even bother with the potting soil of your plants:
Disinfect substrate
Irrespective of the manufacturer's promises on the packaging, commercially available potting soil may very well be interspersed with eggs and larvae of European Moorfly and fruit flies. You play it safe by turning the oven into a sterilizer. That is how it goes:
  • Pour the potting soil into a fireproof bowl
  • Loosely put on the lid
  • Heat in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes
Smaller amounts of substrate are placed in the microwave for 10 minutes at 800 watts. Also treat proprietary blends according to this guide to make sure there are no pests inside.
Tip: The sowing and cuttings propagation is explicitly threatened by insatiable larvae. Therefore subject every cultivation soil to a meticulous disinfection in the oven or in the microwave.
Mulching with sand
So that the female insects do not reach the potting soil, cover the surface with a 1 centimeter thick layer of quartz sand. To avoid having to renew the sandy mulch after each watering process, water the plant from below. To do this, place the pot in a bowl with a several centimeters high water level for a few minutes. Due to the capillary force, the water pulls up into the root ball so that the surface can remain dry.
Prefer hydroponics
Almost all room and potted plants are suitable for hydroponic cultivation. In this variant, the plant thrives in an inorganic substrate such as expanded clay or seramis and water. Since no soil is used, sciarids and fruit flies have no chance to settle here and lay down the eggs. However, as the conversion from potting soil to hydroponics is not always successful, hydroculture should already be favored when acquiring seedlings.

fungus gnat

The use of carnivorous plants has proven to be extremely effective in keeping away the sciarids and fruit flies. If you place at least 1 carnivore per sill, there is a good chance that the potting soil of the neighboring house plants will remain free from pest infestation.
The next time a flock of tiny insects rises from the potting soil, you are now ready to stop the nefarious activity. The remedies for sciarid mosquitoes and their larvae presented here have proven to be excellent for freeing a beleaguered plant from it in good time before it suffers considerable damage. Anyone who heeds the recommended methods of prevention does not even have to struggle with a fight. Fruit flies are usually not. Although these insects are almost confusingly similar to black-legged mosquitoes, they do not benefit from potting soil.

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