Increase angel trumpets - step by step instructions

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Increase angel trumpets

Who has angel trumpets in the garden, which can be lucky, because they are a feast for all gardeners and certainly an eye-catcher. Who can not get enough of it or would like to have their own angel trumpet and the neighbor gets a cutting that can Easily multiply angel trumpets, And that is how it works:

  1. On a healthy branch, cut off a 15 centimeter tip. The best way to cut directly under a leaf approach.
  2. Now remove all remaining leaves from the stalk except for the top three leaves.
  3. Finally, put the cuttings in potting so that two leaves are under the ground. Now it will not be long before the first roots are formed.

If the plant is strong enough, then it can be exposed in the garden. That should not happen too soon. It is best if they bring the plant indoors in winter.

Video Board: Gardening Tips : How to Care for Angel Trumpet Plants.

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