Hibernate angel trumpets - so they survive the cold season perfectly

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Angel trumpets are easy to maintain plants. Only in winter do you have to make some arrangements to get through the cold season well.

Angel trumpets are not hardy

Angel trumpets have their name thanks to the beautiful, trumpet-shaped calyx. With a little care garden lovers can enjoy the summer in the pink, yellow, white or orange flowers. But remember, nightshade plants are native to South America and are therefore not used to cold winters.

So that she survives the cold season strong and healthy, so you have to pay attention to a lot of hibernation.

The right location in winter: bright and cool

As soon as the temperatures fall below freezing at night, it's time to bring the angel trumpets out of the garden to a warmer place. The plants hibernate best in bright locations at a temperature of about 13° C. The great thing about it is that under these conditions the leaves and flowers keep their bright colors until the deepest winter.

A heated greenhouse is perfect for the angel trumpet in winter. If you do not have a greenhouse, then the winter garden, corridors with windows or the staircase are suitable locations. Angel trumpets overwinter but also in a normally heated living room without damage. Although the plants produce new shoots when warm in winter, they can easily be removed when they are exposed in spring.

Dark locations like the cellar are not ideal for wintering angel trumpets, but they do not harm the plants either. However, they gradually lose their leaves and need more time in the spring to grow. The temperature in a dark location should be 5 to 7° C and never drop to freezing.

➤ But attention:

As beautiful as they bloom, angel trumpets are extremely poisonous. Bear this in mind when choosing the winter location. Little children like to touch everything around them and then put their fingers in their mouths. Therefore, do not allow children to play unattended near angel trumpets.

Cut back angel trumpets for wintering

Large angel trumpets often cause space problems during wintering, which can be easily resolved by pruning. However, it may happen that the angel's trumpet will flower next year, if you act too radically. It is best to follow the principle: as much as necessary, as little as possible. Do not cut deeper than half an arm's length over the lowest branch fork. You can then immediately take the clippings to multiply the angel's trumpet.

Pour angel trumpets during wintering

Angel trumpets have a very high water requirement in the growing season, which drops significantly in the winter rest phase. Pour the plants sparingly and use lukewarm water. If moisture is felt in the upper part of the bucket, you do not have to pour the angel trumpet. Fertilizing is basically not necessary during wintering.

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