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The angel trumpet (Brugmansia) of the family Solanaceae throws off its leaves in winter. Even a light night frost can hurt her, so she has to move early to a frost-free winter quarters. If the angel's trumpet grows out in the open air, you should repot the exotic flowering wood in a bucket just a few weeks before moving into the house and set it up in the winter quarters until it is clear of rain. Now only a little is poured to promote the maturation of the shoots. As a second preparation cut back the angel's trumpet before adding it, so that the plants do not discard all the leaves in winter quarters. A pruning is not absolutely necessary, but also for reasons of space usually unavoidable. It should be done when it is still relatively warm. So the interfaces will heal better afterwards.

Cool but bright

Angel trumpets overwinter best bright, for example, in moderately heated conservatory, at 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, they can continue to bloom for quite a while - which, however, is not everyone's cup of tea because of the intense flowering of the flowers. At high solar radiation in the winter must be aired, because too much light and heat cause the plants drive out too early.

white angel trumpet

The angel trumpet often blooms in the bright winter quarters

Cold and dark, too

Hibernation in dark rooms is also possible, but the temperature should be as constant as possible at five degrees Celsius. Because in principle the following applies during the winter: The darker the room is, the lower the wintering temperature must be. Under these conditions, the angel trumpets lose all leaves, but go well in spring again. However, hibernation in a winter garden should be preferred to dark rooms, especially as young angel trumpets can be weakened in a dark environment and become more susceptible to pests.

Properly pour in winter quarters

In the dark, cold winter camp, only so much water is poured that the roots do not dry out. Before every pouring, make the finger test: If the soil in the pot feels slightly damp, no further watering is necessary for the time being. In light wintering, you usually have to water a bit more and control the plants more often for pest infestation. Fertilization is unnecessary in winter.

Care after the hibernation

From mid-March onwards, the angel's trumpet may be repotted and placed in a bright, warmer place so that it will start again and start blooming early. Ideal for this purpose is an unheated greenhouse or foil house. From the end of May, when no more night frosts are to be feared, one puts his angel trumpet back to the usual place on the terrace and slowly gets used to the sunlight.

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