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Animals are often welcome visitors in the house and garden. Cats, dogs, birds and other small animals enrich our lives and our existence with their society. Especially in winter you marvel at the feathered journeymen, as they relish made ready to feed. But there are cases where the animals are more of a burden than a benefit to the garden owner. Not everyone feels the legacy of cats and dogs as normal, as well as annoying themselves often about the birds that make use of the cherries, berries and other fruits. However, such uninvited guests can also be driven out of the garden by means of animal defense without harming the animals.
In the trade, there are helpful things for animal defense, which facilitate the work in such cases. Ultrasonic devices for the expulsion of voles, plants, which should keep away especially cats and dogs etc.
But those who do not want to or can not invest can use simple means of animal defense. A scarecrow is not only useful in the garden, because it scares away birds, but also a great activity for children and adults to make scarecrows. Also flapping tapes, scratched and thus become unusable CDs and DVDs come as bird control also in question.
Driving cats and dogs out of the garden is a bit more difficult because they are idiosyncratic and like to come back. Cats who tend to frolic in our gardens as uninvited guests can be scared off with a splash of water. After the third, fourth wet action, the cat considers whether it will come back again. In foreign dogs, however, only their owners to ask to keep their dogs on a leash, so they do not spread in foreign gardens.
In the guidebook animal defense you will learn everything about ways, ways and means of successfully selling animals without harming the animals.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: animal

Expel martens - which martens do not like

Do you hear eerie noises from the attic? Then, a marten is probably about to move in there, the faster you drive it out, the greater your chances of a marten-free life in the future.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: repellent

Expelling Crows: 11 tips that help to scare off ravens

Crows and ravens increasingly settle in the cities and towns. Unfortunately, so are the songbirds that are actually based here. However, the big birds are very intelligent and hardly show any fear, so it is difficult to drive them away.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: birds

Expel boars: this is how you chase the animals out of the garden

Boars in their own garden are a nightmare. Not only can they cause enormous damage, they can also be dangerous for people. It is not easy to drive them off, though. The best way to fight boars in the garden is here.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: cats

Pine Marten, Edelmarder: Wanted poster, food and natural enemies

If it rustles in the treetops of extensive forest areas, a pine marten could be on the way here. The shy forest dweller is considered a phenomenal climbing artist and is prey catching all year round. This profile conveys what distinguishes the noble marten with information on food and natural enemies.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: birds

Bird repellent: with these means you banish birds from the balcony

Pigeons, sparrows and many other bird species often choose a balcony in the city as a resting or even nesting place. However, in order to protect your own balcony from bird droppings in particular, there are various measures that can be used effectively here without harming the animals.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: birds

Dog excrement in the garden - what to do? How to prevent annoying dog piles

Dogs are next to cats the most popular pets of Germans and for most a full family member. It could be difficult, however, if the neighbor's own or the dog pokes holes, digs beds or places his legacy anywhere in the garden.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: garden

Expel cats: 6 effective methods - keep away from the garden

Strangers' cats on their own property are a nuisance to many, especially as the animals occasionally leave their personal scent mark. With which tricks can the velvet paws be influenced so that they avoid gardens in which they are undesirable?

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: dogs

Catch martens - which lures are suitable for the marten trap?

Marten is undesirable in residential areas. The little robbers are working on cables, robbing in the garden and nibbling on hoses. You can not hunt them, only catch in marten traps and put them out in the forest. But it needs the right bait.

Animal repellent - cats, dogs and birds: repellent

Expelling magpies effectively - so you chase away the birds permanently

If a whole group of sassy magpies besiege the garden, the desire for an effective expulsion is understandable.However, the white-black corvids are subject to the protection of the Federal Nature Conservation Act. Nevertheless, you do not have to accept the feathery terror without resistance. Read here how to drive away magpies permanently.

Set up vole trap for vole control

Owners of gardens or orchards are familiar with the vexing topic that plagues us, especially in autumn: the vole, which can cause considerable damage.
But it can be remedied, for example by setting up a vole trap.

Drive marten out of the garden

If you have marten in the garden, especially drivers are at risk. The cute animals eat with enthusiasm cables and brake hoses in the car and pose in this way a security risk.

Chase cats out of the garden

Cats are the most popular pets with us Germans. There are a good 8 million cats in our households. Many of them are free-lancers and there often starts the trouble: cats know no boundaries.

Cat plague - what to do? Neighbor's cats in the garden

Neighbor's cat in the garden, what now? And if this fact turns into a cat plague, what can you do, how can you defend yourself, what can the garden owner do?

Egret - driving herons out of the garden pond

Every year, garden pond owners look forward to the herons, who use the garden pond night after night. This always seems to happen just when you have bred a passable fish strain.

What is effective against martens? - Combat on the car

If you have a marten in the garden, you have to fear for your own safety. Bitten hoses and scored cables affect the braking and handling of your own car. In addition, martens can leave immense damage not only in the car but also in the house, garage and stable.

Magpie Plague - Can You Kill Magpies & Robbery Eel Star Nests?

Magpies were hunted so intensely at the beginning of the last century that their extinction had to be expected around 1910. In the south of Switzerland, the magpie was extinct in 1915, she has not returned to this area until today.

Pine Marten - Profile and occurrence in the garden

The pine marten is a typical forest dweller and rarely found near people. For that reason, eaten cables in cars and damage in the attic are rarely his fault, but are caused by his relative, the stone marten.

Steinmarder - Wanted poster and tips for driving

When an uninvited guest moves into the attic, it is usually a stone marten, which, unlike other species of marten, is not afraid of being near people. However, he is usually the one who eats the wires and cables of cars and therefore is not seen by most people like.

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