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Sow annual climbing plants now: climbing

The climbing nasturtium likes to grow in height - this makes it ideal as a balcony plant

Looking for a quick solution without having to commit to years? Wicke, Winde, SchwarzÀugige Susanne and Co are just the right candidates: For a whole summer they make us happy with exuberant growth, splendid flower abundance and sweet scents. Sometimes there is even a delicious harvest - for example, with fire bean or pumpkin.

Beautiful climbing plants

Asarina Gloxinia Winds

From the Gloxinia winds (Asarina), a petite climber, there are varieties in different colors

The application possibilities for annual climbing plants are manifold. A classic example are Wicken along the garden fence. But even on the terrace, her wonderfully fragrant flowers are an experience: Put several young plants in a large bucket, which is equipped with a trellis. Dreamlike blooms also have black-eyed Susanne, sky-blue wind or rosy-ech - and all the time until October! With exotic colors, Sternwinde and Schönranke attract all attention. If you need privacy, you can count on fast-growing, large-leaved species such as the bell-vine or the bean of the shoot. Even as a gap filler - until climbing climbers or blue rain for several years reach suitable heights - the climbing maximum has proven itself.

Trellis help

Rose chalice

Rosellech thrives best on lattice-shaped trellises. Nice as a container plant on the terrace

Whether in the pot or planted out, the climbing specialists need a climbing aid. A ready-made scaffolding, bamboo sticks tied to the tent, a fence or simply taut strings give their long shoots a foothold. In order for them to develop their entire flowering and growth power, they need a sunny spot, always enough water and from May on a weekly basis liquid fertilizer. Common species are available to buy ready to plant, but most of them require their own breeding - start sowing now!

An overview, which climbers are auszusÀen when, you can find here as a PDF document to download.

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