Annual summer flowers: comprehensive list sorted by color

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Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus

The cornflower bears the botanical name Centaurea cyanus and grows in the local latitudes often on the field and roadside. It seduces with intense blue flowers and is suitable as a summer flower in a mixed flowerbed.
  • Easy care summer flower
  • Often found as wildflower
  • Flowering in June
  • Suitable as a cut flower
  • Grows up to 40 cm high
Blue lobelia
The Lobelia is called in the botany Lobelia erinus and is colloquially referred to as male faithfulness. The perennial summer flower still forms flowers until the stronger frost. For the earliest possible start of flowering should be seeded early.
  • Forms bright blue flowers
  • Flowering from May to November
  • Already in February sow out
  • Plant seedlings in tufts
  • Works well as a traffic light plant
Virgin in the countryside

Virgin in the countryside

The virgin in the green bears the botanical name Nigella damascena and is an enchanting summer flower that develops feathery and filamentous sepals and leaves. The plant is very resistant to drought and suitable for both discounts and garden beds.
  • Exceptional, light blue flowers
  • Flowering period from June to September
  • Growth height 20-30 cm
  • Inflated fruit stands with capsules
  • Well suited as dried flower for arrangements

White flowers

Real chamomile

Datura - Datura

The Indian datura bears the botanical name Datura metel and is an undemanding summer flower that forms hairy shoots. Flowering takes place throughout the summer, from spring to the first frost. However, the plant is very poisonous, therefore not suitable for a family garden.
  • White trumpet flowers grow extremely upright
  • Flowering period from June to October
  • Forms prickly fruits
  • Sow seeds in room culture from February
  • Plant seedlings into the open from mid-May

Red flowers


Cigarette flowers - Cupahea ignea

The cigarette flower bears the botanical name Cuphea ignea and grows as shrub-like summer flower. The unusual name is derived from the flowers, which remind of glowing cigarettes.
  • Bright red flowers
  • Blooms from May to October
  • Growth height 30-50 cm
  • Does not tolerate extreme midday heat
  • Can also be cultivated as a container plant

Violet flowers

Morning Glory

Morning Glory - Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea

The morning glory bears the botanical name Ipomoea purpurea and is very susceptible to frost, so it must be re-seeded every spring. The plant is poisonous, especially its seeds can cause serious poisoning. For this reason, the morning glory is not suitable for family gardens.
  • Purple flowers
  • Flowering period from June to October
  • Growth height is 0.5-3 m
  • Does not grow too much
  • Ideal as a flowering fence greenery
The Elfenspiegel bears the botanical name Nemesia strumosa and is a delightful summer flower, for the garden as well as for the balcony and the terrace. Depending on the variety, there are also two-colored and multi-colored flowers to choose from.
  • Violet flowers are reminiscent of violets
  • Flowering period from June to August
  • Growth height is between 30-40 cm
  • Sow seeds already in March and April
  • Makes itself good as a traffic light plant

Liver Balm - Ageratum houstonianum

The liver balm bears the botanical name Ageratum houstonianum and is a perennial summer flower that flowers from spring to first frost. To make it always new flowers, the liver balm must be regularly cleaned. Due to the frost-sensitive properties of the plant should move after the Eisheiligen into the open.
  • Blue-violet flowers
  • Flowering period from May to October
  • Growth height 15-100 cm
  • Needs sunny location
  • In the shade, the flowering decreases

Pink flowers

The Kornrade is called in the botany Agrostemma githago and is a beautiful wild plant, which thrives well in a garden bed. However, the plant is highly toxic, so this is not suitable for a garden that is used by families with children.
  • Medium to high growth, 30-90 cm
  • Deep pink flowers
  • Flowering time in early and midsummer, from June
  • Ideal for colorful mixed discounts
  • Works well as a cut flower
In the Botany Lavendera trimestris is the name of the beaker, and is a perennial summer flower that can be easily combined as a border plant with other flowers. The growth is also broad, so it is important to ensure a sufficient planting distance.
  • Pink flowers with darker veins
  • Flowering period from July to September
  • Grows 0.5-1 m in height
  • Well suited as a cut flower
  • Perennial growth
paper flower
The paper flower bears the botanical name Xeranthemum annuum and is an undemanding summer flower that flowers from midsummer to early autumn.The plant can be cut as a dried flower, just before the buds are fully opened. Hang upside down and store in a cool and airy place to dry.
  • Flowering period from July to September
  • Forms paper-like flowers in pink
  • Growth height is between 30-70 cm
  • Needs full sun location
  • Ensure sufficient planting distance

Orange flowers


Nasturtium - Tropaeolum

The nasturtium bears the botanical name Tropaeolum majus and is a versatile climbing plant with long-lasting properties. The bright orange flowers look exotic and are formed throughout the summer.
  • Growth height 1-3 m
  • Special feature are the edible leaves and flowers
  • Suitable as groundcover, hanging plant or for fence greening
  • Flowering period usually from July to October
  • Blooms often until the frost

Cockade flower - Gallardia aristata

The cockade flower is called in the botany Gaillardia pulchella and is a perennial summer flower, which is very well suited for discounts and garden beds. The bright flowers are formed from summer to the first frost in autumn.
  • Flowering period from June to October
  • Growth height is up to 50 cm
  • Suitable for the vase cut
  • Does not tolerate late frosts
  • Only plant out in mid-May

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