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Ants in the home, home and garden evict without poison Ants have the reputation as hardworking work animals and contribute to the ecology. But as soon as they appear in our gardens and houses, they are distracting. From then on, it's all about how to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you solve the ants problem in your garden or apartment without having to kill the ants.
What dangers go from ants?
Human health does not pose an immediate threat to ants unless you are allergic to it. Nevertheless, they can cause unpleasant side effects. Stings or bites of ants can lead to some painful redness of the skin. The giant ants, which are rare in this country, even pose a danger to your furniture, as they mainly feed on wood. In addition, you are forced to destroy ants infested food. If you are dealing with an ant's nest in the garden, you will not enjoy it either. On the one hand, the little crawlers love to come into contact with aphids and also provide them with protection in their nest, on the other hand they work the soil so that they may deny your plants access to important nutrients. Furthermore, ants in the garden or in the house are anything but pleasing to the eye.
Expel ants naturally
In order to keep the ants off, there are a variety of ways, in which case the use of poison is not necessarily required. By the way, you should distance yourself from this anyway, because this can put even infants and pets at unnecessary risk. In addition, you do not have to kill the ants right away, because they also provide you with useful services throughout. For example, you feed on small insects, which in turn pose a threat to the plants in your garden. Even if you have a compost heap, these little krabblers bring with them benefits as they dig up it all the time. In order to succeed against the ants, you must know which are the natural enemies of the ants. Below this is the following:

  • essential herbs like cloves, marjoram or thyme
  • odor-intensive home remedies such as vinegar, cinnamon or lemons
  • Level the hills
  • plants manure
  • water
  • resettle
The essential herbs can easily be planted in the garden. Their intense fragrance is considered repugnant by the ants, causing them to flee abruptly. The same effect is caused by vinegar or cinnamon, but not in the garden, but in the house. If you see an ant road there, just pour a little bit of it over the ant road and you will see that it will not be long and the little crawlers will pack their bags and leave their land. Of course, you can also sprinkle the essential herbs over it. Even with water you can achieve a lot. If you water the ant nest daily, the ants will soon feel relatively uncomfortable and move on. The same happens when you level an existing ant hill. With boiling water, you also achieve the aforementioned effect. However, this is only recommended if the ants have settled in a flower pot or on the terrace, and by the way represents a rather brutal method, since you accept the death of the animals so benevolently. In all these cases, you need to know the exact location of the ant nest in advance in order to be effective. In the end, you can also consider relocating the ants. For this you only need a bucket filled with wood wool or straw, which you give over the ant nest. After a few days, the ants will have moved completely there. Finally, you can expose it to a different location.
Short term solutions
In the meantime, a number of other means can still be used to influence their ways of home and garden until the above-mentioned remedies have their full effect. So you can prevent at least another spread of the ants:
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • crushed egg shells
  • sweep up
It turns out to be quite simple, the ants come together. However, you will definitely not catch all the ants, but at least you've been able to get some out of their house. The same can be done by the way with a vacuum cleaner.
Taking into account the advice given here, the ants problem should soon be a thing of the past while at the same time dispensing with the use of poison. In addition, you can spare the life of the ants.However, you should exercise some patience here because these remedies do not work from one day to the next.
Preventive action
So you do not have to deal with an ant plague, you can take preventive measures to keep ants away from home and garden. These include, for example, chalk. If you draw a chalk in front of their garden and their house entrance, you can be sure that the ants do not cross it. However, you will need to rebuild it regularly due to the weather conditions outdoors. The same effect can be achieved with copper coins. In addition, you should never leave food open for an extended period of time, as it attracts ants. The same applies to kitchen waste and pet food. Ants also like to use small cracks in the walls or in doorframes to penetrate the interior of the house. Make sure that there are no such options for ants, and if so, seal them with silicone.
Prevention can be done by taking care that no ants are available to the ants. So keep countertops, floors as free as possible of grease residues, tightly seal packaging of food, baking ingredients and sweets and other food, and leftovers, and drinks are not open and leave.
But if ants have come into the house, they can only try to expel or destroy them. Ants from houses can only be driven out of the house quite difficult, the annihilation comes here as a remedy rather in question. Outdoors, you can make sure the ants disappear. Ants do not like anything that is sour. So sprinkling the ant streets with vinegar, or lemon juice, causes the ants to leave the immediate area. So they are not destroyed, they just move. In the vicinity of flowerbeds, however, be careful when handling vinegar. Plants can be damaged by the acid and that's not the purpose of the thing. So choose better places for the vinegar action, where no plants grow. Terrace, house edge, etc. are there the better places. Even hot water, with a hefty splash of dish soap helps the ants disappear. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the next colony will not move in at the same location.

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