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black aphids

Avoid aphids: Prevent aphid infestation

Anyone who has ever had to fight an aphid attack, will always have read in the search for the right remedy, how important it is to prevent aphid infestation.

Aphids - All about the aphid control: aphids

Aphids (lice) on jasmine and lavender

On your jasmine or lavender are small animals to see? These could be aphids, against which you may have to do something and can also do a lot.

Aphids - All about the aphid control: aphid

Aphids (lice) on peppers and tomato plants

Peppers and tomatoes are not native to us. They are originally grown in much more southern climes, but if the weather is rather dull with us, they suffer greatly from lack of light, much more than native plants (and sun-hungry people).

Aphids - All about the aphid control: aphid

Bio-combat aphids on herbs

This is particularly annoying when the carefully picked herbs in the garden or in the house are visited by hungry aphids.

Aphids - All about the aphid control: aphid

Aphids (lice) on raspberries and currants

Aphids are a recurrent plague in many gardens, and many gardeners are not quite sure how to fight aphids.

Aphids - All about the aphid control: lice

Biologically combat aphids - these 14 home remedies act

Aphids are found almost everywhere. And the little pests are not necessarily picky. They suck out the sap and can cause great damage. But you do not have to resort to chemical means right away. There are a number of effective biological agents to effectively combat aphids.

Fight aphids on houseplants - 7 remedies for lice

green aphids

A horror scenario for every dedicated hobby gardener: On the beloved house plants abound suddenly numerous dainty lice that suck greedily on leaves and flowers. So that the infestation of the dreaded aphids does not nullify the idyllic plant splendor on the window sills, fast action is required!

Black aphids fight - these remedies help

black aphids and ants

Black aphids are among the most common pest species in garden and indoor plants. In an infestation does the combat need to protect the plant. But this is not necessarily the chemical club necessary. How it works without chemistry and which home remedies really work, we reveal here.

Fight against green aphids - what to do? 15 effective agents

green aphids

In some years, especially when the weather is dry and warm, aphids are almost omnipresent. In the nature-managed garden, the numerous beneficials find sufficient food in such times, after all, the plant sucker belong to the diet of many insects and birds. But in case of heavy infestation, the gardener must intervene to avoid damage and crop failures. In addition to numerous tried-and-tested home remedies, several beneficial herbicides come into question for this purpose. We present the 15 best effective remedies for mild to severe green aphid infestations in this article.

Fight aphids on orchids - the best remedies


The aphid aphid (Phyllaphis fagi) is very similar to the classical aphid, but it is usually limited only to the leaves of beech wood. While she can get a grip on trees quite quickly, she can cause immense damage to beech hedges. With professional guidance and some tips, your beech will quickly become pest-free again.

Tips against aphids in the garden - encourage beneficials

Aphids knows as well as any hobby gardener. These small animals can be found on many plants, some species are particularly common, while others are less frequently attacked.

Aphic Wanted Poster: size, food, natural enemies

Of the aphids there are around 3000 species worldwide, about 850 of them live in Europe. Most of these species are hobbyists, as they suck the sap from the leaves and stems of flowers, shrubs and trees and thereby damage the plants.

Fight aphids on herbs - get rid of lice quickly

Fresh herbs are indispensable in the kitchen. Whether in the pot or in the garden bed, but when aphids attack them, it is not only unappetizing, but these pests can die whole herb beds. Effective control measures help to get rid of lice quickly. Find out what effective options are available to you.

Pests on hibiscus - Fight lice, beetles and spider mites

The hibiscus and especially the garden marshmallow (rosemary) is often visited by plant pests. Above all, aphids, spider mites and various beetles are causing them problems. Here, swift action is required to avoid worse. Find out how to effectively control these pests and prevent them from spreading to neighboring plants.

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