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Bio-combat aphids on herbs: plants

First of all, it is not at all clear that tiny animals eat their delicious herbs and not you and your family. And secondly, it will not be very easy to fight the aphids on the herbs - after all, there should be no traces of taste. But how? - Biological control makes it possible!

Aphids should be combated quickly

The aphids are happy to reproduce quickly once they have found a good host. They do this almost explosively, because the patenten animals not only by sexual reproduction, but also by Parthenogenese, asexual cell division.
And the aphids not only cause damage when they puncture and suck the plants. Even though this can weaken plants in such a way that they can penetrate, but the sting is as a violation of the intact plant surface also a gateway for viruses, which then cause further illnesses. The honeydew excretions of the aphids are also favored infestation with mushrooms, in an aphid infestation you should therefore not remain idle for long.
However, if the aphids have infested your favorite herbs, that usually has the advantage of catching the aphids early, because you harvest your favorite herbs almost daily. The first quick fix is ​​to isolate the affected plants if possible. At least the plants in the pot should therefore be placed in an otherwise plant-free place, with the plants in the bed you should immediately start with the countermeasures:

Mechanically combat aphids

  • First, you can really fight the aphids by simply mechanically removing the aphids from the plants.
  • In more robust herbs, this is done by a (harder) shower, tender herbs are freed by hand (collect) or with a sponge (wipe) of the aphids.

Combat aphids biologically

  • Especially in the garden, you could send enemies of the aphids into battle. For example, lacewing, a single lacewing larva consumes about 600 aphids until it is fully grown.
  • Or ladybirds, the larvae of this largest natural aphid are not called aphid lions for nothing. They could collect ladybugs in the garden and put them on the infested plants. However, there are also companies where you can order the beneficials. For example at Katz Biotech AG from 15837 Baruth or at re-natur GmbH from 24601 Ruhwinkel.
However, the beneficials can not perform miracles. When the aphids have almost taken control of the garden, an analysis of the location and care of such regularly infested plants is required first, and weakened plants should be strengthened to resist the aphids.

Assist aphid with biological agents

However, they can help the beneficials, for example, with a nettle cold water extract. To make this, let about 1 kg of fresh nettles in a small water bucket (5 l) overnight, then it is filled into a spray bottle and sprayed on the plant.


Even milk mixed with water 1 to 2 should have a good effect as a spray, especially with parsley and chilli. The emulsifier lecithin contained in the milk attacks the protective armor of aphids and other pests (lecithin is therefore also quite expensive traded as a biological mildew). Other aphids have successfully used cold black tea or coffee as a spray (pay attention to acidic pH with respect to the earth, and caffeine is a neurotoxin that could be added to the plant if treated repeatedly). Also fern or vermouth tea is to scare the aphids.
All of these agents, even when used alone, can stop aphid infestation at the initial stage. They will only have to treat the plants more often, which is usually feasible with herbs in the house. The last resort with really strong aphid is soft soap:
  • Dissolve about 20 grams (one cap) in one liter of water and then spray on the herbs.
  • You really should take soft soap and not rinse strongly, which would need to be very heavily dosed, and could also contain substances that the herbs do not like.
  • Soft soap is completely non-toxic to humans and pets, but should not come into the earth. This soil mixture would then no longer be optimal for the herbs.
  • So you can safely reuse your herbs after the soapy treatment, they should be rinsed well just to make sure that the salad does not taste like soap.

Home remedies that are foreseeable

There are still plenty of myths about remedies in circulation that should make it possible to combat aphids.Here, however, is always worth a critical look: banana peels will probably harm only aphids, if they are sprayed so intense that the chemical club is also sufficient to kill the aphids. The tip is to dig in the banana peels around the plant, so the soil will be contaminated afterwards.
For the same reason, funds such as an infusion of water and cigarettes or tobacco, or the idea of ​​giving cigarette ash over the leaves, are prohibited. And with garlic, moisture tends to irritate the aphids rather than the garlic ingredients, which, however, could spoil your stay in your living room when used indoors.

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