Fight aphids with garlic - 3 possibilities presented

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Aphids should never be fought with chemicals. This is also possible in a natural way. So you can, for example, Combat aphids with garlic.

Aphids can be fought with garlic

Chemical pesticides have nothing to do in the garden. Protect the environment and rely on organic pesticides and home remedies that have been effective for many years. Many plant pests - especially the common aphids - make e.g. a wide arc around garlic. You should take advantage of this knowledge and fight the small annoying pests in a biological way. You have several options.

Use garlic for aphids - 3 possibilities presented

Option 1 - Put the garlic in the ground:

To fight aphids effectively, for example, you can put a single clove of garlic in the immediate vicinity of the affected plant in the ground. Incidentally, this can also be done easily in potted plants.

Option 2 - Bind garlic leaves around plant stems:

The second variant is intended rather for the case when only a single plant is affected by aphids. Then you can bind the leaves of the young garlic around the affected plant stem.

Option 3 - make garlic sauce:

Furthermore, you can also make a so-called garlic sauce. Finely chop about 100 grams of garlic cloves and pour about 3 liters of boiling water. After about 30 minutes, you can then filter the brew. Then transfer the water solution into a spray bottle when cold and spray the affected plants with it. If necessary, repeat this process several times.

" Tip:

You can also use garlic sauce in case of maggot infestation and mite infestation as well as against caterpillars and snails. It can be worthwhile every year, if you plant garlic in your garden.

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