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Decisive for the stature height of an apple tree is the base. Let us advise you in a tree nursery which apple variety and which tree form - whether half-stem, high stem, spindle, trellis or bush - for the chosen location in question. Accordingly, you will also be recommended the necessary pollen-donating variety, because apple trees are usually themselves infertile, so they need for fruiting a second tree. At some nurseries, you can try the fruits of different apple varieties during the fall's planting season.

to water

During dry periods should be watered from time to time.


Apple trees thrive best in deep, humus-rich soils.


The harvest starts as soon as the fruit is easily detached from the stalk. Storage locations are harvested before this time; this increases the durability. It is important to ensure that storage locations have no injuries or even fouling. Apples are kept in a frost-free room at a uniform temperature.


Regular pruning helps to keep the apple tree healthy and strong. The crown should always be light; Therefore, cut away all old and inward growing wood. With regular fruit yield and low shoot growth, the winter cut is preferable; he stimulates wood growth. Unlike with very strong growth and presenting fruiting approaches. Here it is advisable to cut in August and, as soon as the fruits are walnut-sized, to thinn out, that is, to leave one to two fruits per fruit stand. The remaining apples are thereby larger, more intense in color and taste. And: The tree can again train enough fruit buds for the next year.

Practice video: How to cut your apple tree properly

In our practice video, Mine editor Dieke van Dieken shows you step by step how to cut a big apple tree.


For healthy growth, a balanced nutrient supply is necessary, so a complete fertilizer is given in the spring and covered the area around the trunk once or twice a year with well rotted compost.


Apes are mainly damaged by apple moths and fungal diseases such as scab and powdery mildew.


If the garden is very small or there is little space available, choose a tree on which two or three varieties have already been refined. These trees have a high ornamental value and cause a stir especially during the maturing period. Also interesting for small gardens: Ballerina varieties. They are characterized by compact, columnar growth without side branches, reach a height of about three meters and take up no more than 50 x 60 centimeters per tree. They are therefore ideal for cultivation in the bucket, for the demarcation of the property and as a privacy screen. Ballerina varieties: 'Bolero', light green apples; 'Polka', redgreen and 'Waltz' with dark red fruits.

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