Grilling the apple - Delicious change from the meat

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Everyone can grill meat. Have you ever tried fruit? Apples are delicious to prepare on the grill.

Apple barbecue recipe tips

When summer is knocking on the door, most of them are looking forward to the barbecue season. Finally a juicy steak to a fresh salad and a slice of toast with home-made herb butter. Delicious!!!

But at the end of the summer, that's when it comes down to your neck and you're busy looking for a tasty alternative. Then maybe I have just the right thing for you today.

Whether as a dessert or as a tasteful change - have you ever tried it with an apple from the grill? No? Then you should definitely try it.

Grilled Apple - Instructions & Tips

What you need for this:

  • Apple
  • Apple corer
  • Aluminum foil or allugrill shells
  • a little oil or butter
  • possibly honey, orange or lemon juice

Step 1: Wash the apple

Before you continue to process the apple you should first wash it and then remove the core with an apple cutter. If you do not want to grill a whole apple, you can halve it or quarter it. Whatever you want.

Step 2: Oil the aluminum container

So that parts of the apple do not stick to the aluminum foil or the aluminum chill shell, you should coat them with enough neutral oil. But you can also use butter, which still gives a special flavor.

Step 3: refine the apple

If you want, you can still refine the apple with a little lemon or orange juice. Honey is also perfect for an apple. Just try what you like.

Step 4: Grilling apple

Close the aluminum foil (aluminum chill dish can remain open) and place it on the hot grill. Let the apple simmer on the grill on both sides for about five to ten minutes. In any case, you should not leave the apple too long on the grill, otherwise it will be very mushy.
"Extra tip: You can also put pieces of chocolate, chopped nuts or marshmallows in the hole in the apple where the core box was. In combination with the warm apple it just tastes great. Now a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the grill dessert is ready.

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