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When we moved into our house 17 years ago, we were encouraged to plant native trees as well as at least one fruit tree. We then opted for a high stem ornamental apple tree in the front yard and an apple tree trunk behind the house. Since we wanted to snack on the fruit as directly as possible from the tree, the choice fell to the variety 'Rubinette'.

This is a hybrid of 'Golden Delicious' and 'Cox Orange', which originated in the early 1980s in the Swiss nursery Hauenstein in Rafz. The pretty, white-pink flowers in April are always heavily swarmed by bees - after all, the variety is also known as a good pollen donor for other varieties.

apple harvest

I am satisfied with the result of my apple harvest after the late frosts in the spring

During the summer small to medium-sized, rounded fruits with a yellowish-green base color and reddish stripes on the side facing the sun grow on the less branched, but somewhat sparse branches. Despite the violent late frost in spring, which has damaged flowers in many places and even led to large crop failures, many, albeit rather small fruits have formed on our tree.
According to variety catalogs, the harvest season begins in mid-September. What we also took as an opportunity to get the first red-yellow fruits from the tree. The first bite brought it to light: the pulp is crispy, firm and juicy.

Apple variety Rubinette

The apple variety 'Rubinette' tastes even to my children

Thanks to its high sugar content, 'Rubinette' has a very pleasant aroma. Since our storage facilities are limited in the house and the fruits shrivel rapidly, we now enjoy our own harvest every day. Of the specimens, which were not so handsome because of damage to the shell or by Muckwickerfeall, we have at least a few glasses of applesauce and cook a delicious Apfelcrumble can bake.

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Unfortunately, 'Rubinette' tends to scab, which is why many experts actually do not recommend it for the home garden. Otherwise, only a few diseases or physiological disorders such as specks and flesh tan occur. And those who, like us, do not dilute the crown regularly in winter, have to expect rather small fruits at harvest time. But this is not a drama for us and not for the birds who like to sit in the broad crown and sing their tunes.

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