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As a half-stem one describes finished fruit trees on strongly or medium strong growing seedling documents with all fruit types. With the apple tree, e.g. used a Bittenfelder seedling or apple seedling. In the cherry tree, the wild cherry, Maxima 14, Weinroot 13. The unbested stem height is about 1.20 meters (1 m to 1.60 m) at the half-stem. The crown counts extra.
The half-stem is the classic of all fruit tree forms. For the half-stem is always a robust, frost-hard and strong to medium-strong growing pad used. You can count on income in the 4th year. The half-trunk is ideal for orchards, but also as a field or street tree. Since such a tree can grow up to 12 meters, it is not suitable for small gardens. The sweet cherry is up to 7 meters high, the apple about 6 meters.
Apple and cherry trees as a half-stem can be 60 to 100 years old. Half-trunks are ideal for the slightly larger private garden. Planting is possible, so that the garden space can be fully utilized. The lawn care is uncomplicated. Half stems convince with robustness and a high yield.
Location for half-trunks

  • Ideally, if the apple or cherry half-stem can stand sunny and free, e.g. on an orchard with enough space around.
  • It is important that the tree gets even light from all sides, that it can expand in all directions.
  • Even when fully grown, there must be room all around.
  • As the trees get a few feet high, you have to think of the shadows they will throw once. So: not too close to the terrace or planting the house!
plant substrate
  • The better the soil, the better the half-stem develops.
  • It is favorable to prepare the planting well.
  • 0.5 to 1 cubic meter of earth should be excavated.
  • Mix 1/3 of the topsoil with 1/3 ripe compost and 1/3 clay / tone and mix the components well together.
  • Distribute the substrate around the young tree. This mixture ensures a good start.
Plant half-stems
  • Best planted in pairs! Planting distance about 7 meters, autumn planting brings better growth results.
  • For long-term stabilization and stability a tree stake is recommended. Before planting hit! Stake must not protrude into the crown! Distance from the trunk 5 to 8 cm.
  • It is important not to fertilize when planting!
  • Roots must not come across too dense underground, otherwise the growth is inhibited. Therefore the big excavation is necessary.
  • Put the root ball in water for a few hours before planting.
  • For fabric wrapped bales, remove this material.
  • Rootless damaged and dry roots cut freshly root trees! Do not cut the fine and fiber roots!
  • The treatment center must be above the ground!
  • When buying in nursery the Himmelsrichtuing, in which the tree was noted and plant him exactly the same way. So the tree does not notice the "interruption" and usually gets used to its new home quickly.
  • At least 1 m² tree disc all around!
Pouring and fertilizing
  • Especially after planting regular and sufficient watering is necessary.
  • In the course of 3 to 4 years with long lasting drought pour.
  • Older trees are usually without additional water.
  • Fertilize only in spring, March / April with suitable fruit plant fertilizer.
  • Do not fertilize with blue grain!
  • Never fertilize in the fall!
  • Do not fertilize while planting!
  • During the spring, trees planted in the spring did not fertilize until the next year, during the early spring harvest.
To cutIt is cut to build a stable support frame, to ensure a high fruit hanging and so that the tree can withstand snow pressure. The apple half-trunk is cut in winter, between January and mid-March. The cherry half-stem is cut after harvest in the summer.

It is cut from the first year. But it always depends on how old the tree is at planting. Trees from a nursery have already received a perfect cut in the first few years. As a rule, they no longer need a parenting session. They only need to be lighted and shortened, that is, forwarded to a favorable extension.

Cherry trees need to be cut significantly less than apple trees. They get along almost without cut. Apple tree crowns grow very dense and must be lighted.

Apple tree and cherry tree as half-stem overwinter without complications. They are indigenous trees that do not need winter protection.
Diseases and pests
  • Half-strains are affected by the same diseases and pests as other fruit trees.
  • An informative page on this topic:
Apple tree and cherry tree as a half-trunk are suitable for medium and large gardens as well as for orchards.At the right location and in the right soil, they will grow and prosper magnificently. If you cut them regularly, a good crop is guaranteed after about 3 to 4 years.

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