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Plant apple tree - Instructions with information on distance, time & Co: tree

If you want to plant an apple tree, you must already consider some things before digging the planting hole. These include, above all, the selection of the right location, the right time for planting out and the distance to other plants and buildings. If these factors are taken into account, thought out and well planned, the best basis is laid for many years of rich harvests. With the crucial knowledge about the first steps and the necessary care, neither a green thumb nor experience is needed.


Apple trees should be as sunny and protected from the cold wind. Ideal is a southern orientation in a slightly elevated position and a protection in the form of hedges, walls or walls at a sufficient distance.
In contrast, sinks are unfavorable, since cold air and water can collect here. In addition, it should be kept in mind that sooner or later big apple trees can cast a lot of shadow. So you should not be in the immediate vicinity of plants that need a lot of light.


How much distance should be kept between the apple tree and buildings, other plants or fences, can not be answered blanket. Anyone who wants to plant an apple tree must first of all take into account the growth habit or breeding or the desired form education. A high trunk with a spreading crown requires up to ten meters distance to larger "obstacles". A trellis apple tree or pillars only grow about two meters. Here, therefore, must be decided depending on the variety.
Tip: Of course, the apple tree should be chosen according to the available space. If the tree later donate shade, expansive high stems make sense - with little surface area, however, columnar fruit.


The substrate apple trees are rather undemanding. However, the following factors are important:
  • loose texture, does not tend to densification
  • moderate nutrient content, mixture of mature compost and garden soil
  • moderately moist but not wet

Apple - malus

Places with high groundwater or a location where water accumulates due to its proximity to waters or subsidence are therefore unsuitable. For loamy soil, which tends to compact, mixing in sand can help.


Anyone who wants to plant an apple tree should ideally prepare the planting hole at least four weeks before insertion. The procedure is as follows:

1. At the desired planting place a hole at least 50 centimeters deep and wide is excavated.

2. The turf is removed, the excavated soil is loosened, freed of debris and mixed with mature compost. If necessary, sand is lifted to loosen the substrate.

3. If the soil is very dry, it may already be poured once by flooding and thus the substrate is slurried.

Through this preparation, the nutrients can settle and also be processed by soil organisms already.
Tip: As a root rot, the apple tree should be limited when planted close to paths. Here, the preparatory introduction of a root barrier is recommended. This also prevents the sensitive roots from being injured.


When planting the apple tree, the following steps are important:

1. The prepared planting hole is dug and the apple tree is placed so that the processing station is ten centimeters above the ground.

2. The soil is gradually added and the tree is gently shaken so that the substrate spreads well between the roots.

3. If necessary, use a stabilizing pile and fix the trunk to it.

4. The substrate is tapped in layers and then the topmost layer carefully pricked to prevent later sinking.

5. The soil is poured by flooding, so that the bottom layers are well moistened.

Tip: Root-bare apple trees should be soaked in water or a mixture of water and compost for about an hour immediately before planting. For trees from the bucket, however, the substrate is gently rinsed off.


The apple tree can in principle be planted all year round. Favorable but the growing season from autumn to spring. In any case, a frost-free day should be chosen. October to November proved to be optimal, since the tree can then root well until next year.

to water

Apple blossom - Malus

The first lapping of the apple tree on the one hand has the purpose of providing the plant with moisture. In addition, the so-called sludge but also important to distribute the substrate evenly at the roots and eliminate air pockets. Following the first watering, the apple tree should be kept slightly moist during the initial period. This is not cast directly on the trunk, but at a small distance around the tree disc to pull the roots in the desired direction.For efficient pouring, a small indentation can be pulled into the earth at a uniform distance from the stem.
This channel directs the water into the soil. In very young apple trees and during the first year of the year, care should be taken to ensure that the soil does not dry out. In the summer and low-precipitation phases is therefore moderate to water. However, waterlogging is urgently to be avoided since apple trees are very sensitive to it.


If compost has been mixed into the soil when planting the apple tree, further fertilization during the first year of the year is unnecessary. In general, the nutrients even reach beyond the second year even without any problems. Fertilization is therefore necessary only in the third year and should then be carried out only moderately. Again suitable for this compost but also manure and occasionally blue seed. One gift a year is enough. The selected fertilizer is applied to the tree disc and only slightly incorporated into the soil. Then it is poured vigorously so that the nutrients can be distributed.


The first blend should already be made immediately after planting the apple tree, unless it has already been done in the nursery. This so-called planting cut serves on the one hand the education of form and on the other hand the protection of the forces. The crown is reduced in this blend to the main trunk and four to six strong side shoots. Inward growing or crossing branches are removed so that the crown is airy and light from the beginning. Below, the blend can be done from fall to spring. Ideally, the care takes place before the apple tree forms new shoots. If necessary, it can be blended even if flowers already exist.
This time is not ideal for the tree, but it has an advantage for anyone who is very unsure when blending. For branches with very few buds or flowers can be better recognized as low-yielding and specifically removed. Alternatively, these shoots can also be marked and then blended in the fall or winter. In any case, of course, make sure that clean cutting tool used and cut as possible in the morning on a dry day. The resulting wounds can close faster and the risk of infestation with pathogens decreases.


So that it can even come to fruiting the apple tree, should be in the immediate vicinity, a second apple tree. Alternatively, a two- to four-species apple tree can be planted. In these, several noble shoots are placed on a base, so that the varieties pollinate each other and different apple varieties can be harvested from the same tree.
Although planting an apple tree requires some preparation, the right approach and the right care will be rewarded by fast and strong growth. In addition, the considerations at the beginning save the effort of implementing or even early precipitation of the apple tree.

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