Cut apple trees and cherry trees in July

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Apple tree cherry tree july cutting tips

who Apple trees and cherry trees in the garden, you should remember to use them regularly too to cut, A cut should be made at least once a year, always in July.

Fruits grow better
For cherries, this is after harvest, for apples after flowering. This prevents the trees from being corrugated. In addition, it promotes the growth of fruits and prevents the trees are more susceptible to disease.

Always at the beginning
By thinning the treetop, more light comes to the remaining branches, which is also an advantage. When cutting especially long branches are cut and always on the approach of a fresh side shoot. By the way, one recognizes this on the soft branches. Even branches that grow into the treetop should be removed.

Beware of young trees
If the tree is still young and it was bought only last year, then you should not unpack the scissors yet. The reason is not that the trees could be damaged by that, but that they would grow too fast.

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