Apricots in the garden - is that possible?

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If you want to plant and harvest apricots in the garden in our latitudes, the soil must be very dry and airy.

apricot tree

apricots are altogether very demanding fruits. They place high demands on the outside temperature and love a warm and constant climate. Therefore, the question arises whether you apricots in the garden can plant.

Soil must be airy and dry
In addition to the weather conditions, the apricots also make high demands on the soil and so should be as airy as possible and also very dry. Who in the garden can provide these conditions in terms of climate and soil conditions, for example, through a greenhouse, for this hobby gardener is also worth planting an apricot tree.

House wall offers protection
If the apricot is kept outdoors, then the location should be considered carefully. Here, an east-facing house wall is optimal to give the plant protection. The eastern wall of the house is the least affected by precipitation, the soil is thus much drier than at the other places in the garden and thus this location is optimal in terms of soil drought for the apricot.

Little watering is part of the care of the apricot then and who keeps to these few but important rules of the game can count on apricots from their own garden, which are a special feature for every hobby gardener.

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