Are you a house or apartment type?

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You have decided to buy a property. But how should your own four walls look like: lots of space, a private garden and lots of freedom in the design? Or rather an attractive location and favorable acquisition and maintenance costs? In short: is more suitable for you a house or apartment? The LBS checklists will help you decide.

Are you a house or apartment type?: type

House or apartment? Take the test

Before deciding on a property, you should be aware of your housing needs: would you rather live in the city or in the countryside? How many people need to be accommodated? Do you value your own garden or is your balcony sufficient? We have summarized the main arguments for a house or apartment. Check which of the two checklists you agree with.

Checklist 1

House with garden and pool

Advantages of a house: own garden, privacy, freedom of design

If you agree with most of these statements, you are a house type.

Checklist 2

Apartment with balcony

Advantages of an apartment: lower maintenance costs, proximity to the city, work in and around the apartment are taken over

If you agree with most of these statements, you are a housing type.
Of course, our checklists can only show a tendency. Often it is unavoidable to compromise on one point or another and to weigh it up. Whether house or apartment - every living solution has its advantages.

Advantages of home and garden

Cut the lawn

You have to take over the mowing of the lawn yourself as a homeowner. Energetic support is welcome

Houses usually offer more space - an unbeatable argument for families with two or more children. Another advantage: homeowners determine everything themselves: the layout of the rooms, the choice of the balcony railing, the color of the house facade. The garden also offers enough space for self-realization. Whether swimming pool, sitting area with barbecue, adventure playground for the children - the imagination knows no bounds. In their own garden, the youngest can frolic carefree, because the parents have them from the terrace always in view. However, the dream garden also wants to be maintained. It takes a green thumb and enough time - or the contact to a good landscape conservationist.

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