How do I correctly take soil samples in the garden?

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The LUFA is responsible for soil sample analyzes

who Soil samples in the garden for an objective examination of the soil quality, should start a groundbreaking at a depth of about 25 cm. Here then a debris is taken, which should have the shape of a brick.

Remove soil sample from the spade edge
For a good result, between 15 and 20 samples are required per 100 square centimeters of soil. To do this, soil samples are taken from the edge of the spade with a clean knife or a spoon and put into a clean bucket or other cleaned container. The soil samples must be thoroughly mixed.

If the garden is quite large, it may make sense to take soil samples from various areas of the garden. From the extracted and mixed soil finally about 250 to 500 g are removed and filled into a plastic bag, which is sealed and labeled.

Determination of soil quality
For the determination of the soil quality, information about the use of the soil is also important, because a lawn needs different conditions than fruits or vegetables. The agricultural research institute, LUFA for short, is responsible for soil sample analyzes and calculates around 20 euros for a standard fertilization recommendation.

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