Ash wood - Prices, buy, features - Wood of ash

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Ash wood - Prices, buy, features - Wood of ash

Ash wood is the wood of the ash. Ash grows throughout Europe with few exceptions. Very often you can see the ash in the northern Alps. But the ash tree is also very common in Poland and the three Baltic States.


This large spread of deciduous trees in Europe is probably due to the fact that it is the most used lumber after beech and oak.

Ash trees grow best in forests or along rivers and on calcareous soil. A common use is ash in avenues. Ash, like many European trees, consists of sapwood and heartwood. The wood has a very bright white or yellowish color.
If the trees become too old, it can happen that the wood darkens. You should pay attention to this when buying. Because ash should normally be very light. With ash wood one recognizes the annual rings very well. Also you can see the rays of wood, which are arranged like a mirror very well.
Well planed, you can see in the ash wood a very weak shine. This can be worked out even further by the right polish. The wood of the ash is very hard. It has a gross density of 690 kg / m³. Accordingly, it is also relatively heavy in weight.
Still, it's less flexible than the oak and a lot
rigid wood. The broader the annual rings, the higher the quality of the wood is classified.
Ash wood with annual rings, which are 1.5 millimeters wide, are very high quality. Ash wood can be worked very well - both by hand and by machine. Likewise
to work and polish the surfaces well. In most cases ash wood is stained.
A disadvantage of wood from the ash is that it is not so weather resistant. Also, it is difficult to impregnate it. Therefore, it is not so good for furniture that is outdoors.
Intended use of ash wood
The wood of the ash is mostly used for furniture. One finds furniture that is solid ash, but also often have only one ash veneer. Most use is in the form of kitchens or bedroom furniture. But also living room cabinets can be found in ash.
Because of its light wood furniture made of ash is very popular because it lighten even small or dark rooms. For the same reason, ash wood is also often used for the manufacture of parquet floors or plank floors. The light wood gives apartments or houses a very cozy and modern atmosphere.
Since the ash wood is very hard and not very elastic, it is also often used for the manufacture of things that need to be particularly hard - for example, for handles of hammers, hatchets, shovels and other equipment. In addition, a lot of sports equipment made as wall bars or sledges.
Previously, ash wood was used for the manufacture of cart wheels because of its stability. The Deutsche Reichsbahn also needed ash wood for some productions.
Ash wood can be purchased in the wood trade and is one of the more expensive types of wood. In many Bauhaus you can also buy ash wood. Practically it is to think in advance, which amount you need and price comparisons to start. Because in many Bauhaus you will receive an additional discount.

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