Overwinter ornamental asparagus - this is how it manages to get through the cold season

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Ornamental asparagus is a frugal plant and therefore very easy to care for. But in winter he needs a little help. Because only then he survives the cold season unscathed.

Ornamental asparagus likes it bright in winter

Even if the ornamental asparagus looks pretty delicate and sensitive, you still do not need to touch it with kid gloves. He eventually gets rid of a lot and does not need much care. He can easily bring through the winter. If you're looking for a cool, bright location, thrifty but regular watering, and high enough humidity, you're getting it right.

Select winter location

In the cold season, the ornamental asparagus likes a location with temperatures between 10° C and 12° C. A slightly warmer environment is acceptable, normally heated living rooms or even a location on the heater are not suitable. The winter quarters should also be sufficiently bright. The direct sunlight - in summer quite a problem - tolerates the plant in winter well.

If your ornamental asparagus stands on the balcony or the terrace, the right time for the move to the sheltered winter quarters is at the end of September.

Pour asparagus asparagus in winter

Keep the root ball of your ornamental asparagus moist during the winter months. Acute dehydration makes the plant recognizable by leaf shedding, but as far as it should better not come. Check regularly with your finger whether the substrate still feels moist at a depth of two to three centimeters. If not, you have to water.

If you forgot to water your ornamental asparagus for a long time and the plant looks threateningly dry, you can use a short dip. To do so, place the planter under water until no more bubbles appear. Then let the excess liquid drain until nothing drips. If there is still life in the ornamental asparagus, he soon recovers.

Pay attention to sufficient humidity

Very dry indoor air can be a problem for the ornamental asparagus and is also a magnet for annoying spider mites. Therefore, if the humidity is low, always put a bowl of water next to the plant or from time to time wet the sparkplug with a spray bottle.

Do not put in the blazing sun in spring

If you want to bring the ornamental asparagus back to its summer outdoor location in spring, you should avoid direct exposure to the midday sun. Excessive sunlight will quickly be detected on yellow discolored leaves. However, if the location is too dark, the ornamental asparagus soon begins to form wild light shoots. You have found the right mediocrity if both symptoms are absent. A weak morning or evening sun represents e.g. no problem. Also, choose a bright, partially shaded location. What else is there to pay attention to in the care, you will find in our contribution cultivate ornamental asparagus - Important notes on location, soil, watering and fertilizing.

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