Grow asparagus in the garden - 10 things to keep in mind

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Asparagus feels good in the garden on a sunny spot with loose soil.

Proud prices are called for fresh asparagus, which not everyone can afford. Asparagus is so healthy that we should eat asparagus best in the asparagus season (in normal health, there are exceptions). Good arguments to grow the delicious vegetables in your own garden, if not all the garden area is needed anyway. As we did, last year we had the first harvest. Here is a small growing plan:

  • (1) The garden owner first of all asks himself the question as to whether growing asparagus in the garden is worthwhile in terms of quantities. Quite simply, one can say that a once created asparagus bed produces up to 12 years of delicious asparagus.
  • (2) The preparation begins with the location search, which therefore needs to be well considered, the asparagus bed will occupy this place for a long time. You need a sunny spot with loose water-permeable soil, as asparagus does not tolerate waterlogging. The best soil for asparagus is light and sandy and has a pH between 5.5 and 6. If you plant the white asparagus beds from north to south, this ensures even growth on both sides of the hill. For beds in east-west direction can be harvested on the south side of the hill a little earlier than on the north side. Green asparagus does not care.
  • (3) In late autumn, the soil is prepared for asparagus cultivation. For the asparagus a 1 to 1.5 meters wide and about 25 cm deep bed is created. In the middle of this bed, you now lift a 50 cm wide trench with a depth of about 25 cm, which is filled with nutrient-rich humus and a little sand for soil improvement. For the humus content, the excavated soil is mixed with compost and / or rotted manure, if the soil analysis announces, a reserve fertilizer phosphate and potassium magnesium is introduced. This layer should be about 10 cm thick and is well mixed with the grave fork. Then the planting trench is covered with mulch.
  • (4) In spring you need asparagus seedlings. You can pull the seedlings out of seeds or buy one-year-old seedlings. These are usually available at the gardener in your place or to order over the Internet, z. B. from the company asparagus strawberries Springensguth GbR 33415 Verl,
  • (5) Depending on the weather, the sowing starts between March and May. First the mulch layer is removed from the ground. Now you put the young plants at a distance of at least 30 cm in prepared planting holes and covered with about 5 cm soil. You must be careful to spread the roots of the seedling carefully on all sides. For green asparagus is usually created a double row, asparagus asparagus is set in one row. The distance between two rows should be 50 cm, you want to create a second double row, it should be created at a distance of 1.5 meters. Over the next few months, you will fill the trench completely with soil, the root heads of the asparagus plants should be about 15 cm below the surface.
  • (6) In the near future, the surface should then be kept weed-free and loose, it is important enough water that just need the newly used plants urgently. About two months after planting, usually in June, the asparagus plants should be fertilized. In the first year, the asparagus develops up to 1.5 meter high perennials that die off in the fall. You should cut off the dried shoots from November. The rootstock in the soil drifts again in the spring, the shoots can be up to 2 meters in the next few years.
  • (7) In the second year the asparagus area is fertilized in spring, you should use about 2 kg of compost per square meter. Then you have to loosen the bed on the surface, without damaging the root heads of the plants. The weeds are removed again during the season and the asparagus leaves in November. During the second year you can accumulate more and more soil, so that the asparagus stalks are always under the ground. If you want to harvest white asparagus, build small walls over the asparagus plants by accumulating light, as the light will keep the asparagus white. If you prefer eating green asparagus, you can do without the tedious accumulation.
  • (8) Who would like to harvest white asparagus without effort, as an alternative to the earth wall only slightly pile and overgrow the asparagus with a tunnel of black asparagus, about 50 cm wide and at least 30 cm high, with hinged sides for harvest. However, this is a possibility that does not make the garden just more decorative.
  • (9) In the third year can be harvested for the first time, when depends on the temperatures in the spring. As soon as the sun warms the earth, the first asparagus will show up.Green asparagus grows from the bed and is harvested when it is 20 to 30 cm long, very thin rods can stand still, they strengthen the plants for the next harvest. White asparagus cranks their heads out of its mound. You can now individually and with a lot of sensitivity to free earth so far that the asparagus knife can be used to stabs the rods as deep as possible. The harvest hole should be immediately filled with soil and smoothed on the surface.
  • (10) Asparagus is therefore only until the Johannistag, the 24.6. harvested because the remaining shoots of the asparagus plant will help with regeneration for the next harvest if they are allowed to grow out. After the harvest is fertilized (never before, otherwise the asparagus would taste like fertilizer), in November the leaves removed, next year grows the next asparagus. If the asparagus bed is used up after about a decade (you notice the harvest), you should put the next asparagus bed in a completely different place, the bottom of the old asparagus bed is now drained.

We opted for the comfortable green asparagus, it tastes better than the bleached anyway. The ingredients of the green asparagus, which gets light when it grows, are also superior to white asparagus: it contains considerably more vitamin C and carotene.

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