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Barbecuing outside in the summer is a lot of fun and baking bread or pizza is pure pleasure. However, most popular barbecues are anything but an eye-catcher. A home-made stone oven makes a lot more.
For this you do not necessarily have to be a specialist, but only a little deal with the fireplace construction. First of all, an oven for the garden needs a stable foundation. When choosing a location, it is important to note the main wind direction, so that neighbors do not feel bothered by the smoke of the stove.
Also considerations, how far the oven should stand away from the house and how the conditions for a comfortable seating group, should be considered. After all, you can not only prepare food in such an oven, but it also serves as a heater on cooler summer evenings.
The foundation is cast from concrete, whereby you can take even large concrete slabs. It is important that the oven is completely stable later. Now it's up to the actual construction of the oven, where the self-builder can freely decide how big the oven should be.
If you want to grill later in this oven, you should buy in advance a grill and adjust the oven size to the grill. So that the oven later has a comfortable working height, a pedestal should first be built. For the masonry simple bricks can be used, while ensuring adequate insulation. The height of the base is chosen according to his height.
On the pedestal is now applied a thick concrete slab, on which later an ash pan finds its place. Now you wall up as high as the working height is needed. Here you should pay attention to wall projections, on which a grill can find plenty of space. On top of again is a plate, which must have a hole in the middle, so that there the smoke outlet can be mounted.
The interior of the actual oven is ideally made of firebricks, because they can store heat and moisture well and then gently and evenly release. For the flue, you can use a standard stovepipe available from any chimney maker. Depending on the taste, you can also construct a conversion for the flue and attach a small roof at the top so that it can not rain into the stove.
In order for pizza and bread to bake really well, a door is still needed for the oven. For this purpose, it is best to turn to a fireplace maker, they have the opportunity to order oven doors individually. Thus, one can also buy doors that are visually very appealing. In any case, it is important to create a drawing in advance with the respective dimensions.
So you can get an idea about how the oven should look like. You can inspire yourself in any good hardware store, there are a lot of barbecue fireplaces, which are in principle very similar to an oven for the garden.

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