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BEFORE: Such a situation can be found in many narrow terraced gardens. The garden furniture on the lawn does not seem very inviting. The impression of the narrowness on the already narrow garden area is reinforced by the surrounding walls. With the right plants in flowerbeds, the garden can be made attractive.

Suggestion 1: Lovely flowerbeds in pastel

The seat is laid in the back of the garden on a circular granite pavement. You can reach it via a narrow path from the same floor covering. Around the seating or beer table set flower beds are created with roses, perennials and summer flowers.

Patio with pastel flowerbeds

In our first design idea, the beds around the patio shine in pastel shades

As a companion of the amber-colored shrub rose 'Caramella' shine pale yellow to light pink blooming foxglove, as well as marguerite, star thumbstones and annual jewelry with white flowers. Bright colors enlarge small gardens. Between the flowering plants, the narrow leaves of the miscanthus stick out. In the shady corner the ostrich fern feels very well. Above him spread the lightly hanging branches of the willow-leaved pear, which was planted in the place of the existing false cypress. The conifer gets a new place on the left in front of the garage wall.
The bright walls of the garage and shed are cleverly obscured by ivy and alpine clematis. A man-sized hornbeam hedge is planted in front of the wooden privacy screen, which stylishly frames the seat. In spring, the evergreen rhododendron 'Loreley' on the way greets the garden visitor with its yellowish-pink flowers.

Suggestion 2: Modern seat with fiery red

In small gardens, new color and design trends can be implemented with little effort. Here, a patch surface in a checkerboard pattern matches the existing modern aluminum furniture. These rather cool-looking seats are framed by flower beds in which trendy red-flowering and red-leaved perennials and the lamp-shine grass are skilfully combined. Particularly decorative is the Montbretie, whose bright red, over-inflated inflorescences open in summer over the gladiolus-like leaves. Also in red blooms the yarrow variety 'Fanal'. With bronze-red leaves and dainty cream-white panicle flowers, the purple bell forms beautiful tuffs on the puff. In autumn, the decorative inflorescences of the lamp cleaner grass in the flower beds trump.

Seat with red flowering plants

With red-flowering plants, the small garden can be made modern

On the left, the red flowered climbing rose Flammentanz hides the garage wall. Opposite in the bed, the newly planted evergreen loquat makes color in the garden. Two stone planters with climbing aid, planted with the pink flowering Italian Clematis 'Entel', complete the beds on the patio. At the end of the remaining garden area two spindle shrubs and two Skimmien in pots frame a small well. A hawthorn hedge, which is dotted with red berries in the fall, with two false cypress trees on the edge ensures a successful all year round, successful conclusion of the modern garden.

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