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Building an automatic irrigation system yourself is not as difficult as you might expect at first. However, the question is crucial for which area you would like to build an automatic irrigation system yourself. The next question is whether you want to use rainwater for irrigation or wants to connect the irrigation system to the conventional water supply. Ultimately, the question of how much money you want to spend.
Build free or low-cost irrigation systems yourself:
Automatic irrigation system build yourself for indoor plants, potted plants, potted plants, window boxes. Here there are different, yet very similar possibilities for irrigation. But you can also build (almost) free automatic irrigation yourself. Our grandmothers used a wool or string trick when houseplants were left unattended for a few days. To do this, place the plants in a circle and place them in the middle of a raised space a water tank. In this one hangs wool or twine, whose other end is fixed in the soil of the respective flower pot. For a few days you can leave your plants to themselves without supervision and be sure that they will not be harmed. Another variant is a misused option. This requires a water tank, which in turn must be installed higher than the plant to be watered, and a small tube with adjustment and injection needle from the medical supplies trade. This is a drip to which an infusion is normally connected. In this use, however, the injection needle is inserted into the soil of the container plant, and by means of the regulator, which is attached to the hose, the flow rate of the water can be regulated. If the water tank is big enough, the plants lying here on the drip can endure for some days without supervision without being thirsty.
Of course, you can also build an automatic irrigation system yourself by buying the associated components in the appropriate retailer, Garenmarkt or online. Here you also need a water tank, a pump and a regulator. Then a hose, fastening plugs that attach the hose (drip) to the flower box or the container plant and individual droppers that are placed between the drip hose so that they drip the drops of water into the potting soil.
If you want to install an automatic irrigation system in the garden, you will find in the Internet at well-known gardening equipment manufacturers irrigation computer, with which the individual needs of the components with respect to the irrigated area calculated and even can be simulated. In addition to the construction manual so you can easily build the automatic irrigation system without any problems yourself.

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