Autumn craft ideas with acorns and chestnuts

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In autumn, harvest time is for all hobbyists and nature lovers, because the best crafting material is now right at our feet. Often the whole forest floor is covered with acorns and chestnuts. Make it up to the squirrel and collect on the next forest walk equal to a whole stock for cozy craft lessons in the evening. If you are still looking for new ideas, what you can make from the acorns and chestnuts, you will certainly find in this post.

Many things can be created from natural materials. We have picked two of them and put together a lot of crafting ideas with acorns and chestnuts for you. Whether as an autumn wreath, key chain or animal: Acorns and chestnuts are great craft materials that can be used to implement magical ideas.

Thread chestnuts

Chestnut Heart

First drill the chestnuts with the hand drill and chain them (left). Then the wire is formed into a heart (right)

material: Hand drill, wire, chestnuts, rowan berries
Whether as a window decoration or door wreath - our chestnut heart is a stylish decoration that is quickly crafted. First, carefully drill holes in the chestnuts and rowan berries. If you are working with children, you should note that chestnuts are slippery on the outside and very soft on the inside: when drilling, there is a risk of injury.

Once all the chestnuts have been prepared, the chestnuts and rowan berries are alternately threaded onto a wire and made into a wreath. All you have to do is shape the wreath into a heart and attach a ribbon to hang it.

Chestnut lion

Chestnut lion

Animal figures like our lion are just a part of crafting with chestnuts

material: Chestnuts, Acorns, Thistles, Common Snowberry, Hand Drill, Black Pin, Needles, Craft Eyes, Matches
Of course the animals belong to the classics when making chestnuts. We have recreated the king of the animal world for you. For the lion, first drill six holes in a large chestnut. For the legs four on one side and two opposite on the other side, where later the head and the tail are attached. A smaller chestnut becomes the head of our lion. On one side, a hole for the connection to the body is drilled in such a way that the light brown spot points to the front. There we place the face afterwards. Head and body are now put on each other by means of a match. The lion's mane we imitate with the dry inflorescences of the thistle, which snuggle wonderfully like velcro. So that the mane also holds on the head, you put a few needles in the chestnut and plant the verhisst thistles on it. The snout of our lion is made from the snowberry and a black pin. Just put the needle through the berry and into the chestnut. Now stick your eyes and the head of our king of chestnuts is ready. Lack only legs and tail. For the legs, two acorns are cut in half with a sharp knife and also drilled. Matches serve as a connection to the body and are inserted into the pre-drilled holes. Finally, a thistle is attached to the end of a match and fastened in place. Finished is our chestnut lion!

Chestnut screw

Chestnut screw

Our homemade snail is made of chestnuts, black berries and a real snail shell

material: Chestnuts, snail shell, black berries, matches
Our next craft idea is a harmless representative of wildlife: the snail. You need a big and a small chestnut. Drill holes in the chestnuts and connect the two with a match. Then simply stick the snail shell on. The eyes are two matches, on which you put two black berries. If you want, you can of course also take eyes from the craft shop.

Wreaths of acorns and chestnuts

Acorn and Marron wreaths

Acorn wreaths and wreaths of roses look good not only in a fresh green state. Even dried one has for a long time his pleasure in them

material: Chestnuts, acorns, wire, hand drill, gloves
For our wreath of still closed chestnuts (chestnuts) you definitely need gloves to protect yourself from the prickly cover. The rest is explained quickly: Using the hand drill, pierce the chestnuts and thread them onto a wire. The same principle applies to the acorns. Both wreaths look great with their rich green. As they dry, their color gradually fades - which does not detract from the sleek elegance of the wreaths.

Heart of acorns

Heart of acorns

The fruit cups of the red oak can be draped to tasteful hearts

material: Styrofoam heart, hot-glue, fruit-cup of red-oak
Not only acorns, but also the fruit cups in which the fruits are, are suitable for autumnal decorations. This variant is a little filigree and finer than the chestnut heart.Here, the fruit cups of red oak were glued with hot glue on a Styrofoam heart. The styrofoam heart is completely covered after gluing and no longer visible. What's left is a charming deco heart, which can be used for great autumnal arrangements.

Paint chestnuts and acorns

Chestnuts painted in gold, acorns and autumn leaves

The gold of the varnish contrasts beautifully with the warm brown of the chestnuts

material: Chestnuts, acorns, paint pen
If you prefer a quick, yet imposing, autumn deco, just need a few acorns, chestnuts and a paint pen in his or her favorite color. We chose gold to paint our finds and give them a fine touch. With the patterns your imagination knows no bounds. Important: Allow the paint to dry out well to avoid smudging. Then you can fill the painted acorns and chestnuts in glasses or drape pretty with autumn leaves.

Chestnut keychains

Chestnut Keychain

The seasonal chestnut keychain is the perfect gift during the fall season

material: Checked fabric ribbon, chestnuts, hand drill
In the production of our key fob made of chestnuts something delicate is required. With a sharp object, a heart, or the like, is carved into the shell of the chestnut. Attention, risk of injury! Then drill a hole through the chestnut with the hand drill and fasten the checkerboard. And finished is a beautiful key chain, just waiting to be given away.

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